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Cultural Events: Exhibitions and Lifestyle Events around the World, June Edition

The Netherlands 

     Theo van Doesburg

De Stijl, "the style" in Dutch, was an artistic period born in The Netherlands in 1917.  The movement's ideology is one of Universal Unification.  The artistic proposition of De Stijl is simplicity and abstraction in asymmetric rectangular and square planes where the only colors used were the primary colors, commonly red, yellow, black.  Cubism.
The Artistic Period's centenary is celebrated throughout The Netherlands with many Museum exhibitions.  More information here.

Los Angeles Events

      President Ronald and Nancy Reagan Living Room

Los Angeles: Jeremiah Goodman Retrospective 
Through June 9
The renowned Interiors Illustrator Jeremiah Goodman's work is on display for the first time ever in Los Angeles, at Dessin Founder.  The exhibit showcases 55 original gouache paintings.  

Basel, Switzerland

Basel: Art Basel
June 15 - 18 
The art week which is by now the most renowned Modern and Contemporary art fair worldwide, supporting galleries and artists, takes place this month in Basel.  The International art fair shows in three different continents throughout the year, Hong Kong and Miami Beach.  Basel show brings the international art world together, with 291 of the world's leading galleries displaying the works of over 4,000 artists.  A full program of art world talks takes place each day.  Exhibitions and events are also offered by cultural institutions in Basel and the surrounding area, creating an exciting, region-wide art week.

New York Exhibitions

Calder: Hypermobility
June 9 - Oct 23, 2017
The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City will exhibit the creations of Alexander Calder, an American sculptor well known for his creations of the mobile.  The delicate but sculptural mobile has been a permanent guest at many homes and featured in many Interior Design magazines.  Calder: Hypermobility will honor the mobile primary intended purpose, mobility.  In collaboration with the Calder Foundation, the exhibition will exhibit major examples of Calder’s work including early motor-driven abstractions, sound-generating Gongs, and standing and hanging mobiles.

June 12October 1, 2017 
The extraordinary and multifaceted Architect's many talents is exhibited at the MoMA in approximately 450 works including architectural drawings, models, building fragments, films, television broadcasts, print media, furniture, tableware, textiles, paintings... among others.  

London Events and Fairs

 House & Garden Festival
June21 - 24, 2017
If you are in London and have an affinity for Interiors, Gardens and Lifestyle then you can't miss House and Garden Festival.  The festival brings together three leading lifestyle events: Spirit of Summer Fair, HOUSE Fair and GROW London, to create the ultimate celebration of Summer and stylish living.  All under the roof of Olympia London and ready for you to shop or take inspiration from.   Everything, after being selected by the experts at the show is approved by House and Garden.


     Rafael Nadal
In Paris, The French Open is still going through June 11th and my favorite boy, The King of Clay is looking better and better this year and some experts as CNN Sports believe that 2017 may be the year for Nadal to take his 10th French open title.  Fingers crossed.

12 Ideal Nail Polish for Summer

Thankfully it's time to take out our denims, espadrilles and ruffle tops because summer and all its glory is here.  It culturally starts this weekend with the celebration of Labor Day although officially a bit later.  As the Sun sets later and the Rosé is ready for happy hour, the nail polishes get lighter in beautiful pastel colors.  From Guerlain's light purple-tone nail lacquer base, for those looking for a very subtle touch of color to Yves Saint Laurent 's bright yellow for those more unique and adventurous.

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A Madrileania Jewel Designed by Pablo Paniagua

Pablo Paniagua entryway Design via Belle Vivir
When I came across this modern home designed by Pablo Paniagua, the custom black and white geometric floors stopped me on my tracks.  If not for the visual impact, then for what it does to the space.  The way the elongated diamond-shaped pieces of marble are placed forming a big half fan, creates a central focal point while consequently elevating the entire space.  What a clever way to enhance the architecture of an entryway.  Pablo Paniagua’s modern style in Interiors has been a blogger-favorite for a while as you can see in this house through which the Madrid based designer became more well known among Interior Design Blogs.  While I found this house in his online portfolio, there is not much information about it.  Although it's all there, the modern and classic details intermingle with jewel tones here and there.  Enjoy!
Pablo Paniagua entryway Design via Belle Vivir
Pablo Paniagua living room Design via Belle Vivir
Pablo Paniagua hallway Design via Belle Vivir
Pablo Paniagua kitchen Design via Belle Vivir
Pablo Paniagua bedroom Design via Belle Vivir
Pablo Paniagua library Design via Belle Vivir
Pablo Paniagua Design via Belle Vivir

Pierre Yovanovitch Chateau in Provence

 Pierre Yovanovitch Chateau in Provence Living room Belle Vivir Blog
Pierre Yovanovitch is an exceptional Interior Designer I have posted about, many times before.  In one of the posts was a sneak peek of his Chateau Fabrègues in Provence, where his austere and minimalist, modernistic aesthetics are set inside a 17th-century old property.  Recently The WSJ Magazine featured the entire Chateau giving us a complete view of the property.  The eight year restoration project which started in 2009 when Yovanovitch purchased the estate, included the restoration of a handful of buildings on the deteriorated 990 acre property.  One of the buildings was the guesthouse La Ferme, a three floor building that was completely redone inside, taking three years to complete.  The landscape was designed by Louis Benech whose Gardens are appreciated in six continents. 
 Pierre Yovanovitch Chateau in Provence Entry Way Belle Vivir Blog
Pierre Yovanovitch Chateau in Provence Belle Vivir
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