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Weekend Comfort: How to wear Jeans in the weekends

two girls wearing jeans pants and white tops
Ellsworth Kelly
a girl wearing off the shoulders flowy white shirt, jeans pants and yves saint laurent bag
Gigi Hadid wearing a jeans jacket with appliques
Robert Motherwell
a girls wearing valentino studded shoes, ripped on the ankles jeans and black t-shirt
modern white sport white car via  belle vivir blog
girl wearing jeans, yellow booties and green sweater
Song of Style wearing bell sleeves top with ripped jeans and chanel shoes
sport convertible car in front of cartier store
girls wearing lace white top and jeans and black booties
French chateau with blue shutters
girl wearing ripped in the ankle jeans and one shoulder ruffle top
blue and white stripped bedroom with two canopy iron bed via belle vivir blog
 Bruce Budd design
Nicole Richie wearing jeans with blue top
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Learning from the Pros: Gilles & Boissier

Gilles and Boissier is a world renowned Interior Architectural firm with international recognition and success that mostly everyone in the Design world have heard of or seen one of their creations by now, I'm specifically referring to their more than famous 19th century apartment located on Boulevard Malesherbes in Paris, France.  The surprisingly young couple, Patrick Gilles and Dorothee Boissier, are also partners in life, they have two children and according to their website they use their differences in creative disagreements to create elegant and beautiful interiors, like that complementing one another.
bedroom design by Gilles and Boissier with white fireplace and ornate walls
Patrick favors clean and straight lines in organic physical forms as wood and Dorothee elegantly and harmoniously fusions together all the elements.  The couple were once mentored by renowned Interior Designers Philippe Starck and Christian Liaigre.
Gilles and Boissier have created elegant and beautiful interiors worldwide from hospitality projects, restaurants and luxury boutiques like Monclair.  They also designed Remo Ruffini, Monclair's owner's villa in Lake Como. 
From the successful design due came Gilles and Boissier Maison Label a bespoke furniture and lighting collection where the firm design philosophy ‘neither minimalist nor decorative’ is the inspiration behind their creations.  In this aesthetic point of view, their vast experience and their extraordinary taste translate in many of their high-end designs which is perhaps more exemplified in their own Parisian apartment which the couple renovated keeping their two children in mind.  Most of the furniture and lighting employed in the apartment were designed by Gilles and Boissier themselves.
Gilles & Boissier design entry way with chevron floor and white walls
In the entryway as in every room in their apartment the design couple kept the walls white bringing balance to the overall feeling of the apartment.  When you have amazing ornate walls as in this 19th century apartment you really don't need wall color.
Gilles & Boissier design entry way via belle vivir blog
Another view of the entryway which the couple furnished with most of their own furniture collection.  Here you can see the Orion bench
Gilles & Boissier design living room with golden mirror black and white art and jute rug and slipcovered sofas  via belle vivir blog
In the living room, perhaps keeping their kids in mind, the couple use slipcovers to cover the sofas and a natural fiber jute rug to soften the chevron floor.  Accents of brass and black decorative objects contrast the white ornate walls.
Gilles & Boissier design boiseries on doors and chevron floors via belle vivir blog
Another shot of the living room.  Here we can appreciate the boiserie on the doors. 
Gilles & Boissier design with an elavorate white stone fireplace, black art and sconces via belle vivir blog
Another angle where we can appreciate better the boiserie and elaborate fireplace mantel.  The black and white art resembles a whale, something that Lucas, my son would appreciate a lot.
Gilles & Boissier design vignette abore the fireplace with black bust and gold framed painting  via belle vivir blog
A closer look of the vignette above the fireplace mantle.
Gilles & Boissier design white bedroom via belle vivir blog
In the bedroom, Gilles and Boissier kept the same mood of white and black accents.
Gilles & Boissier design living room via belle vivir blog
I love this particular angle of their apartment.  You get to see a bit of the kitchen and those two magnificent tall doors.
Gilles & Boissier design with rustic chevron floor, louis vxi chairs, via belle vivir blog
The very European-looking kitchen, simple no fuss and clean lines.  Notice the smart idea of the cabinets that appear to sit on top of the shelf.  The chevron floor are finished in a rustic way that I'm sure makes them very soft to the feel.
Gilles & Boissier design bathroom via belle vivir blog
I adore this bathroom.  For all the details put into it from the marble sink to the closets framing the Parisian window to the finish of the wood.  I also love the couple's choice of honed marble instead of glossy.  Love the Parisian balcony.
Gilles & Boissier design with timber closets, ornate mirror above the marble sink via belle vivir blog
Another angle of the sink with a shelf below for instant needed towels and the shelf above it for everyday toiletries.  The clean lines of the sconce seems to have a disagreement with the ornate mirror breaking apart from the clean lines in the rest of the bathroom.  Perfect juxtaposition.   
I loved the sweet and short interview that the couple gave to "Definition of Luxury" where all their answers where more soulful than material.  A very European perspective.  Exactly how I would answer similar questions.  

Here I'm re-writing the questions and answers as it shows in Luxury Culture. 

If luxury were...

An object:
Dorothee: A non-object
Patrick: My pen and my watch

A Moment:
D: Looking deeply and intensely into the eyes of Patrick
P: Any moment with our children and being together

A person:
D: It would be a fantastic character who was a combination of all the people that I love
P: My family, Dorothee, Felix and Zoe

A place:
D: Anywhere with Patick
P: My mind, our mind

Adjacent to their studio, Patrick and Dorothee have created an apartment showroom to showcase their furniture and lighting collection.  Below some of the pieces displayed in their showroom.  Some of the collection can be purchased at Gotham in London.
Gilles and Boissier sponge pendant lamp via belle vivir blog
Gilles and Boissier Goliath Lamp via belle vivir blog
 Goliath Lamp
Gilles and Boissier Aurore Lamps via belel vivir blog
 Aurore Lamps
gilles and boissier Dante Chair and Ida lamp via belle vivir blog
Dante Chair and Ida Lamp

gilles and boissier ombre sconces via belle vivir blog
 Ombre Sconces
gilles and boissier omphale sofa via belle vivir blog
 Omphale sofa
gilles and boissier plein soleil pendant light via belle vivir blog
 Plein Soleil Pendant Light
Gilles and boissier silence coffee table via belle vivir blog
 Silence Coffee Table
gilles-and-boissier-wood screen
Wood Screen
Images are via The D Pages and Share Design
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