Swans: Legends of the Jet Society by Nicholas Foulkes

Swan: Legends of the Jet Society book gives us a glance into the aristocratic world of the privileged and jet setters.  Written by Nicholas Foulkes, the book is full of beautiful images and anecdotes detailing the luxurious lifestyle of an elite way of life.  Traveling in private jets and luxurious yachts, throwing decadent parties and wearing haute couture are some of the indulges we get to see in this book.  Clearly a must-have book to any chic library.  

Images via The Daily Beast
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Cameron Diaz Manhattan Apartment

Given that celebrities like glamorous and alluring spaces, it's not surprising that Cameron Diaz apartment in Manhattan's West Village is full of shiny and lustrous surfaces.  Cameron's apartment has a hue palette that ranges from soothing pinks, emerald-green kitchen cabinets, mirror tiles in the bathroom and dazzling brass counter top in the kitchen.  Enjoy


Interior Design by Kelly Wearstler, Photos by William Abranowicz for Elle Decor
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Retail Therapy: Five Unique and Beautiful Furniture Pieces for Your Home

The excuse to not having a stylish and well decorated home are slimming down thanks to the many beautiful and well constructed furniture options available in retail now a days.  I would buy this Vilas Velvet Daybed form Anthropologie in a heartbeat.  It's a piece of furniture that would go well in any type of decor style.   The Patterned Nailhead Upholstered Screen from West Elm is another good choice to bring some architectural details to any room.   And to bring a modern edgy touch to the house I love, the Moderne Lamp with that beautiful antique brass finish.  The Jenna green coffee table is simply chic while the Cowhide rug will keep things cool.

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