Modern Glamour

Top left picture, a kelly Wearstler room, dress at Octopi, cup & saucers from my favorite china, at Hermes, White Shell Chandelier at Dutch by design, pillow by Ankasa, sofa at 1stdibs, and Coral Lamp by Worlds Away at Vivre.
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Anna said...

These pics are eye candy to the max!! I love the red and white teacups by Hermes. They have long been a favourite of mine.

ALL THE BEST said...

LOVE the room and the lamp! FAB!!

My Marrakech said...

oops! This was a comment for another blog!!!
Julie-I absolutely love this whole post and this whole look. Because of you, I got the new Kelly Wearstler book and I am just overwhelmed by her sense of style and glamour. I totally want to recreate it somehow and want to figure out how to work in some modern as well as tribal pieces that I have, too. Do you think that's possible?

Julie said...

Hi Maryam, Kelly Wearstler is one of my favorite designers. She is like an inspiration to me. Have you seen all the gorgeous dresses she wears in all her pictures? Jesus!!! Is that glamour or what? Did you see how she decorated the Bergdorf Goodman’s restaurant? It’s spectacular. I think a house is not a home until you don’t make it personal and the way of doing this is by adding pieces with memories and stories. I think you can certainly combine your modern pieces with your tribal pieces. As a matter of fact is a great way to make Chic Moroccan Home. I am sure you already know all this. You are the queen of Chic Moroccan Style.

My Marrakech said...

You are so sweet! But I am trying to figure out if I can really make African tribal pieces go with mirrored furniture. Can it?!!!
My husband and I got into an argument over dinner tonight because I want to hire some friends who are decorators for a little assistance and he just thinks it is a waste of money. ~Sigh.

Julie said...

Maryam I am sorry I couldn't reply back to you before. But I am having difficulties with the Catholic Church in D.R. I am actually in the phone with them the most of the day. You know I am having my wedding there & it is really a hassle all the requirement they ask. But talking about your question I can see you African tribal pieces with some mirrored furniture. I think I would have to know how big the pieces are and what kind of mirrored furniture you want to put them with. If you want I can help you after all this is over, like in March.

Karen Albert said...

Julie I love this eggplant velvet sofa!! Well everything else as well!

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