Sea Grass/Grasscloth Wallpaper

interior designer showcases rooms with seagrass wallpaper
seagrass grasscloth wallpaper rooms, wallpapered rooms
Naturally textured wallpaper such as Sea Grass or Grass Cloth, made from plant fibers can add glamor, texture and warmth to a space. It’s also a perfect way to hide those tedious wall imperfections. The fact that there is no pattern to be matched makes installation so much easier. I personally love it in a tropical environment (top second picture). Hang some photos or art and you’ll have a very cozy, warm space (top 1st picture). Below are a few more pictures showing different ways in which natural textured wallpaper can be used.
grasscloth, seagrass wallpaper rooms
mark lund photographer, lund photo
Jamie Drake, drake design associates, drake design
jeffrey p elliott design
Images clockwise from top left: a flickr picture, Mark Lund, Jamie Drake and Jeffrey P. Elliott.
Below are some Natural Texture Wallpaper resources.
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Di Overton said...

Looks so effective.

JZ said...

Please do not put this on plaster walls. You can't even imagine the damage it's done and the repair work I have in store thanks to some ill-advised wallpapering with rice paper.

Jennifer Ramos said...

I had that same wallpaper in my first home, we got sick of it and ended up painting it white... I know probably not good idea.

Jen Ramos
'Earth Friendly DESIGNER Cards'

Babelfish said...

It works very well in the first photo in particular. There's a retro effect don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Don't put in a bathroom next to water! It spots!!!!

Vintage Crockery Hire said...

Sea Grass and Grasscloth wallpaper are also great when you want to accent areas of a wall. For example to create a border around a set of photographs or a painting.

You can always pain sea grass and grass cloth with special paints to personalise or blend the accent with the rest of the room decor.

Out of all the pictures I do love the texture it adds to the small space. Really breaks down the encompassing walls.

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