Casa Colonial Beach & Spa

casa colonial in dominican republic swiming pool
casa colonial hotel entrance
Is a new Boutique Hotel located on the exotic north side of Dominican Republic. Casa Colonial Beach and Spa is the ultimate, world-class seaside resort. The gorgeous tropical chic interior was designed by Sarah Garcia, the owner's daughter. It's a high-end colonial style with a contemporary edge. The service is incredible and just one good-reason-enough to visit. "This is a hotel for the discriminating traveler who demands the best that life has to offer”
Casa colonial hotel review via belle vivir blog
Casa colonial hotel review via belle vivir blog
What can I say about the food? I can testify that is one of the best I have ever tasted in D.R. That is a lot to say considering that D.R. is well known for their great food. Casa Colonial features an extensive dinner selection of Asian fusion dishes prepared by an award-wining chef. How does this sound to you? Fresh lobster Cobb salad served with a lemon terragon vinaigrette and tropical fruit with a glass of a rich French Bordeaux from the Restaurant's wine cellar? Umh... my mouth is watered now.
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