Candles Display Ideas

The always present, but rarely mentioned, candles, always add the right mood to any kind of celebration. Here are a few ways to display them.

Images here.
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Muriel Brandolini

Muriel Brandolini
Muriel Brandolini fabric
Muriel Brandolini design
Muriel Brandolini
I love Muriel Brandolini design because it resembles eclecticism perfectly. Half Vietnamese and half French/Venezuelan, Muriel is far from been predictable. Her fabrics design look like no others, influenced by her major traveling around the world.
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Les Indiennes

les indiennes fabric, eco friendly
eco friendly fabric, hand blocked fabric
les indiennes, fabric, eco friendly
Searching for environmentally conscious fabric I came across Les Indiennes one of the companies with the most beautiful environmentally friendly fabrics I’ve seen. These cotton fabrics are hand blocked with natural dyes made from roots, rocks, earth, and plants in India.
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Alberto Pinto

I discovered Alberto Pinto thanks to the sweet Maryam and it was love at first sight. Sorry Maryam we're going to have to share him. Here are a few pictures of his marvelous work.
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