Magnificent Organic Wedding Décor

 I had posted about Wendell T. Webber photographs before, but I wanted to share with you this stunning and organic wedding décor. I love the clean and of course, natural ambiance. Especially the top left picture; with all those trees lined. Wouldn’t it be great if this wedding took place in the Fall instead. Imagine the beauty of all the colorful Autumn leaves resting on the grass… Astonishing, I believe.
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I love sconces, they can add light and drama to a room. I specially like them in the bedrooms framing the bed. These really nice sconces go from traditional to contemporary.
Trophy sconces at Gnr8
lighting, sconcesZuruck at Feinedinge 
lightingAcrilic light at Design Lush.
Adjustable arc sconces at PB,
sconces, lighting
Bridgeport at W S,
 Reese at Restoragion Hardware

Bronson Bookcase Sconce at PB 
 Well Appointed House
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