Let them have their "wedding" cake and eat it too!

Aren't these wedding cakes magnificent? Creations of Cakework in San Francisco. Yummy yummy...
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Visitors from the past

I love how an antique portrait can bring so much character and history to any room. Each of these rooms convey an air of importance without been intimidating.

images from top, Elle Decor, unknown, decorology and girl learning along the way.
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A dream Kitchen

kitchen cabinet, kitchen decor
I love everything this kitchen has. Coming from the Caribbean, I grew up with stone floors, cane chairs, wood beams and antique wood tables. So every time I see an interior including all or some of these favorite things of mine my heart suddenly starts to gallop.
kitchen design
images from Veranda.
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Things I wish for you

A fabulous big fat ice cream on a cone.
A space/time for yourself, to reconnect and to be in the moment.

And a serious beauty nap. Regardless what your plans are, have a great weekend.

images: unknown, Desite to Inspire and Daniel Farmer.
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Attic rooms

Who needs master bedrooms with attic rooms like these?
images from Elle Decor, Atlanta Bartlett.
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Its Raining Yellow Curtains

Isn't it beautiful how these gorgeous puffy curtains add some kind of glam and sumptuousness to these rooms? I particularly find myself drawn to the beautiful sight of that magnificent curtain hanging on the bedroom.  By the way it seems like yellow is slowly coming back.
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Coffee and Flowers in bed

Oh...how I would love to sleep-in on the weekend and wake up with a cup of coffee and flowers in bed. But, back to reality. It's not up to me anymore what time to get up, it's up to a small but determined 6 month old baby boy. Have a fantastic weekend.
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Dining al Fresco

entertaining outside
Although today is a very rainy day here in New York.  I couldn't help but dream of the summer days ahead to come. I don't have a big outside space like one of these, but I have a deck and I'm determined to make it as cozy as possible.  Coming from the tropical I love outdoor eating and entertaining. Enjoy!
outside decor
dining al fresco
outside kitchen
backyard decor
garden design
top image from Garden Room. others from village rentals.
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Scott Laslie

I love how Scott Laslie combined many different elements together, such as the Asian armoires, Lucite and glass table, modern painting, Murano chandelier with those one of a kind bamboo chairs.   I could live in any one of Scott's interiors happily and comfortably.  Enjoy!
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Things I love and why

The way a vintage vase holds fresh flowers is, to me, a small representation of what it is in home decor mixing antiques/vintage pieces with new ones. This beautiful Austrian vase with gorgeous and very affordable Ranunculus flowers has been in my family for more than 20 years and I never get tired of it. Even in my difficult moments back in 2007 was I able to find some time to place some flowers in a vintage vase and relax and feel hopeful just by looking at them.

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And the winners are...

 Each and every one of the contestants were so original and exited, describing how they would use the chinoiserie book cover in an original way. I picked Becky from Memphis and Joy from of Amity and Allure because I love their ideas on how they would use it. Below is what they wrote.

I had to think a lot about this one but here goes:
I would actually use the print (if I could) as upholstery on antique french dining chairs around a distressed shabby chic dining room table or I would use pieces of the wallpaper, framed in cute frames as a wall display in another room possibly. But then I would use the colors as a color scheme for the whole room.... soft cream on the walls, pale turquoise on all the trim and mouldings (usually it's the other way around but I think this would have more punch) and of course huge pink roses or poppies maybe as a centerpiece for whatever table is in the room.... oooh maybe this pattern as a huge are rug in a little girl's bedroom (also with the above color scheme!! And sheer white or lacy curtains at the windows are also a must!!!
Good luck to all and congratulations to the winners! :)


I would love to use this wallpaper in a little girl's room. I would cover the ceiling with it and paint the walls in a light lacquered green. The room would be complete with silk pink taffeta puffy curtains and a white distressed french bed on top of a brown shag rug.

Thank you,

As you can see these two ladies had great ideas and great style. Congratulations to Joy and Becky.

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Paella with the family

This is a shot of a delicious paella my father-in-law made for us yesterday. We enjoyed it with the family and built more precious moments around it to remember.
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Happy Easter

I wish you a very happy and relaxed Easter among the presence of family and friends. I'll see you back here on Monday when I'm going to reveal the 2 lucky winners of Domino book giveaway.
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A Bohemian Lifestyle

Comfort, youth, beauty, free spirit, ...What else is there to say about this beautiful Monsoon Spring/Summer campaign collection?
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Shades of Pink

top picture by Adam Flipp.
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