Jamie Drake

Jamie Drake interiors
Because beige is too easy and because a tremendous amount of character and sense of style is needed to accomplish some of his fantastic interiors, Jamie Drake is my number 5 innovator. "Where some see disparity, Drake sees semblance in line, pattern, spirit, or concept." Interior Design. His interiors are full of colors, the more the merrier, coziness and texture. The use of modern furniture mixed with fantastic antiques and his greatest statement "color", make his interiors astonishingly transitional.
Jamie Drake design
"What's really important to my work is injecting a sense of personality. I call it personality-plus design." says Drake. Two main ingredients for success. His unique style is what have granted him important clients such as Mayor Bloomberg and Madonna. Drake keeps his interiors harmonious by using one to two colors in different shades and adding accents of contrasting colors. In the above room for instance, he used light green on the walls, striped curtains in a darker green, a tick striped green tablecloth with some blue in it to bring out the blue in the colorful art wall. Then he used the white chairs to make a statement and to probably brake with green and bring out some white from the art wall and chandelier shades. The ebony leather upholstery on the chairs keeps the attention on the gorgeous tablecloth fabric and art wall. We can see the same technique used in the blue room below. This time with two main colors, different patterns of blue and green were used to make the room fresher and more modern. The Turkish-inspired copper table is a very unexpected touch in a room covered with a very tropical sea grass wallpaper.
Jamie Drake associates
So many times have I heard how unappealing a purple sofa would be. That is probably before they see this room by Jamie Drake where purple is the canvas and the colors of the pigments used as well.
Jamie Drake
Not only for his marvelous interiors is Drake worthy of admiration but also for his great heart. "Volunteer work is something I'm truly committed to."
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Georges Chakra

Would you dare? Would you dare to be a different bride and wear a wedding dress in a non-conventional color? I think I would. If I were to re-marry my husband I would definitely consider wearing a wedding gown in a different, more subtle color as we see in these designed by Georges Chakra.
Georges Chakra wdding dresseswedding dresses, Georges Chakra
Maybe a nude asymmetrical gown or a strapless gown in silver.
Georges ChakraGeorges Chakra, wedding gowns
Or perhaps this sky blue dress or this gorgeous dress with jeweled dickey in gold?
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The Standard Hotel Miami

"A City Hotel that feels like it's on a tropical island" The New York Times.
The Standard Hotel Miamithe standard hotel miami
 The Standard Spa Miami BeachThe Standard Hotel Miami Beach
The Standard Miami
The Standard Spa, Miami Beach is a holistic Hotel specializing in hydrotherapy. The contemporary architecture and interiors meet the ancient bathing traditions of a Turkish-style Hamam, Aroma Steam room, Finish Sauna and Mud baths.
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Crystal chandelier in a room

A beautiful chandelier can do to a room what the appropriate accessories can do to an outfit. That often-underestimated chandelier can add that final touch to your room and infuse the mood you are looking for. Chandeliers are considered ambient lighting, a technique that is used to illuminate that specific space and its close surroundings. Far are the days when this type of lighting was used only above our dining rooms or in our living rooms. Now-a-days we can see chandeliers in bathrooms, foyers and kitchens. Its openness and crystals make them a great alternative to add sophistication to a small space without compromising visual space.
A chandelier’s versatility is endless; it can be used in traditional or modern rooms. In this first room below, designed by Tom Scheerer, blends effortlessly with the romantic mood.
chandelier in a roomroom with chandelier
For those of us who love modern design, this room below shows us how much this type of lighting can enhance a modern-furnished room and add that special touch of elegance.
living rooms with chandeliers
I love the romantic touch that this chandelier adds to this French inspired decorated space below.
chandeliers in living rooms
In the living room below, a touch of ambient lighting creates a very smooth and fresh atmosphere. Chandeliers are not only for traditional spaces anymore they can be applied to any style.
living rooms, chandeliers
chandelier, living room
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Beautiful bathroom

bathroom design, bathroom decor
I would take everything in this bathroom. The big mirror, the furniture piece converted into a vanity, the wicker baskets, the standing tub and the shutters... Oh those shutters give such a beautiful feeling to this bathroom.
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La Cornue Chateau Range

The first time I saw one of these gorgeous ranges was at WS. I have to tell you that even when I had seen them often at Magazines and online, it was nothing compared to seeing one of these in person. My knees started shaking, my heart wanted to jump out through my mouth, and my eyes didn't belong to me anymore. Well, ok, ok I know. I'm exaggerating a little bit. But it was somehow true. To me La Cornue range is the Hermes Birking bag of ranges. It's made to order by hand and there is a wait of three months to get it. Each range is made of the best quality materials: steel, iron, cast, solid brass, nickel and enamel. La Cornue was founded in 1908 by Albert Dupuy. If I had an extra $35,000 sitting somewhere I would get one tomorrow or maybe one of its little sisters which are somehow more affordable? CornuFe and Albertine. In the US they are sold by Purcell-Murray and William Sonoma.

image from here.
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French Creole Architecture

creole architecture
I know this house is not in the Caribbean hence it doesn't apply to my Caribbean getaways. But I loved the tropical atmosphere so much that I couldn't hold myself from posting it and adding it to my list as well. French Creole Architecture is a combination of French and Caribbean style, especially designed for the hot, wet climate mostly found in the West Indies. Therefore the use of brick walls, wooden pillars, long and sometimes wide roofed porches or verandas that usually connect all the bedrooms. The bedrooms are located on the second floor with doors that open to the corridor. This French Creole architecture began with the French colonial period (1699-1762). Below is a description from the website of this gorgeous house.
714 gov. nicholls streetboutique hotel in new orleans
new orleansfrench creole architecture

"This exquisite 7 1/2 bedroom home is located in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans, just one block from Bourbon Street. It features two magnificent double parlors, a Yamaha grand piano, delightfully lavish velvet sofas, and a beautiful formal dining room. Artful film posters and original art adorn the walls. Modern amenities, including wireless internet, satellite TV, and a home entertainment system, are blended with old world charm".
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Working out of the Kitchen

kitchen work area
I've always been a big fan of functional kitchens. Especially those where work/study areas are incorporated. Everything happens in kitchens like these .
kitchen with work erea
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Dark furniture in bright rooms

Yes, it's possible, as we can see it in these rooms above, as long as you are willing to live with the splendor.
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A green and light pink wedding

Echoing this post, I thought it would be fun to create an imaginable wedding out of a room again. A wedding designed in these two colors, green and pink, would be to die for. Don't you think?
some of the top images from here and room from here.
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Beautiful Vignettes

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I love this house

Lars Bolander
lats bolander interior
lars bolander antique
I love the Spanish colonial feel in this refreshing and nature inspired house, designed by Lars Bolander.
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