Snippets of a beautiful tropical living

Probably the best way of living.
most of the images from Tom Scheerer

A minimalist country home

Love how this gorgeous country home in Mallorca has just the right amount of minimalist and still feels warm and elegant.
images from Nuevo Estilo

My current project

I wanted to apologize for the less frequent posts. I just started working on a new project in the Upper West side decorating an apartment in a pre-war building. I've been leaving home early and coming back late in the day. I promise I'll be posting pictures as soon as I have the time to download them to the computer.

image from Southern Living.

COMO Shanbhala Estate

Don't forget your drink! Or, perhaps you won't even need one, where you will have plenty of water surrounding to keep you fresh in this perfect paradise on earth. Welcome to COMO Shanbhala Estate in Bali, a residential health retreat.

Global chic

Global Chic is a mix of furniture, textiles and accessories from different parts of the world. Some stunning room examples below.

Have a friendly weekend

I hope you get to spend some good and fabulous time with your friends and family this weekend.

Powder room

albert hadleypowder room
powder room
powder roompowder room picture
powder room stylespowder room idea
Probably the smallest room in the house. Powder rooms are therefore the perfect place to experiment with.

Chinese lattice Wallpaper from Bob collins

Update; Bob Collins wallpaper can now be purchased in NYC through Todd Romano.
Tom Scheerer
Tom Scheerer
Tom Scheerer opted for the wallpaper in brown for this very good looking powder room and foyer.
Kelly Wearstler
Kelly Wearstler chose the black one to keep this game/sitting room intimate.
Meg Braff
Meg Braff revived her office using the wallpaper in blue.
I absolutely love this wallpaper. In which room do you like it the most? I honestly can't pick one. I love it in all three colors. If you are wondering where to find it, you can order it here.

Modern Chinoiserie

I prefer rooms that don't scream a specific theme or era. I've been accumulating images of rooms with little influences of Chinoiserie. I love that each of these rooms has just the right amount of Chinoiseire-inspired details that go from padoga chandeliers, lacquered furniture, wallpaper, Chinese figurines, etc.
Michael Smith
In this Michael Smith room above de gournay wallpaper adds a garden touch.
Tom Stringertapetries
wall mural
Great Jones Home
Celerie KembleCelerie Kemble
Above the very romantic room designed by Celerie Kemble.
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