Nature in a room: Fiddle Leaf Fig

Little things keep a room as refreshing and close to nature as an inside plant. I prefer big leafy plants, like these two pictures housing Fiddle Leaf Fig plants. How beautiful this plant is?

top picture Peter Dunham, second unknown.
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The winner is

The winner of the Michael Tonello book is the lovely Patricia from colours Dekor. Congratulations sweet Patricia.
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Bluefields Bay, Jamaica

I hope you enjoyed your week. I leave you with these breath taking images of Bluefields Bay Jamaican Seaside Villas, decorated in a gorgeous traditional tropical style. Have a fantastic weekend.
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Beautiful Eclectic Interiors

images Reed Krakoff, Blackman Cruz, Jonathan Adler and Cynthia Rowley.
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cozy reading corners

I would love to have one of these cozy corners to read, think or simply nap.
images from John krenek, Toton Sanchez, Nisi Berryman, Madeline Weinrib, Alina Apteker
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A hot hot book

Some of you may have already heard about Bringing Home the Birkin. I read this book over the weekend and anything I say about it would not be enough. It's funny, young, light and keeps you interested from start to end. Michael's adventurous and lucky move to Barcelona opened a whole new fabulous career no one had ever considered before; country hopping around the world in pursuit of the rich and famous "it" bag. This book is entertaining; after reading it I'm almost certain that the so famous waiting list for a Hermes Birkin does not exist, or does it?

"The summer's most adorable chick-lit book...smart, fizzy, and amusingly snarky, with attitude to burn" -NEW YORK TIMES

"The prose is vivid, the tone lighthearted. Mr. Tonello comes off as...sassy, plucky, optimistic-oh, and he can get you a Birkin." -WALL STREET JOURNAL

And you may be asking what's the point of this post, well this book was so much fun that I wanted to share it with you by giving it away to one of my lovely readers. All you need to do is, if you are a blogger go into your dashboard to the left lower corner and add this humble blog to your followers, I may even be already following yours. If you are a reader leave me a comment and the lucky winner will be announced on Monday the 24th.
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A Pink Couch

Every girl has dreamt of having one. I can't think of a prettier couch other than a pink one. I prefer the darker the better, although I have to admit that sometimes even the lightest one would get me. Oh what can I say? I'm a girl. Who wouldn't vote for a pink couch?
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A touch of gold

That unexpected touch of gold never fails.
Images from House Beautiful.
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Have a great weekend

I love how the designers incorporated something new or modern in these spaces to bring a fresh touch to an otherwise rigid design.

The black and white photograph and the modern stool paired with some classic elements keep this room light.

The new and unexpected finish on the stool brings it up today.

The black and white wall art makes this room unexpected.
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Fabulous Small Working Spaces

I would be more than happy opening letters or doing some home related paper work from one of these gorgeous spaces. I especially love the Carolina Herrera Jr.'s room (second from top) overlooking the fantastic Spanish country side. For the City I would be content with the top room. How about you guys, which working space would you pick?
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Do you remember this Kitchen?

I was going trough my files and came across this Kitchen of the Paris flat in Dimonah and Mehmet Iksel, featured in Elle Decor some time ago. The first time I saw it I was so fascinated by its simple yet elaborate and romantic design. The owners designed the fabrics used in the rolling blinds (for the cabinets), the curtains and also the wallpaper after Iznik patterns. Somehow the contemporary Thai and Chinese blue-and-white pottery seem to work very well in front of the busy background. This is possible because the Iznik patterns have the same color scheme all around the room. To this day I still love it. I know many of you may find it difficult to live with this Kitchen in an everyday basic. What do you think? Would you live in this Kitchen or not?
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