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Grace Kelly at the beach.
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Jacques Grange

Jacques Grange's Paris flat is nothing short of perfection. The classic details of the 18th century architecture sings in perfect harmony with a mixed of Art Deco and contemporary furniture with 18th and 20th century pieces and Objects D'Art. "Harmony is a question of eye and personal feeling; there is no recipe" says Jacques Grange. And he sure knows how to accomplish that to perfection.


Love the view of the Palais Royal garden through Grange's bedroom where the walls are covered in woven horsehair.


Some of these images are found in Jacques Grange: Interiors.
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Working Masters at the office

I love to get a sneak peak into designers' world and get to see a little bit of their workspace.

Pablo Picasso in his studio via here.

Kelly Wearstler in her office.
Valentino, working his magic. Below is his London home office designed by Jacques Grange.

Ruthie Sommers via here.
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Deck Inspiration

I'm inspired by outdoor spaces a lot lately and these ones do it for me.

Andrea Duff, owner of Strangetrader.
P.S. Below is a picture of how our deck looks like now after the winter. I'll be working on it on my spare time to make it cozier and more habitable. I'll be showing you the process.
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Have a chic + relaxed weekend



Image here.
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A celebration of CHINTZ with Albert Hadley

On Wednesday I attended an invitation by Joel Woodard whose wife is Susan North, Sr. VP of Design for Schumacher, to "A Celebration of Chintz" at Schumacher in the D&D building to honor the legendary Albert Hadley. Susan has been working for the past year with Hadley to reproduce a beautiful English chintz he first used in Mrs. Nancy Pyne's house more than 40 years ago. As life would have it, after 40 years Mrs. Pyne still had in her possession faded remnants of the fabric which she lent Schumacher to reproduce. The fabric is offered in very chic shades of charcoal, pale grey and ivory, and a crisp indigo blue and white, and a soft sepia-hued colorway. The fabric is made of a lightly calendared fine cotton ground that gives it that light glow and makes you want to sleep in it because of its softness. This Chintz fabric called "Pyne Hollyhock Print" is absolutely gorgeous because the flowers are not of the typical small size but big and don't overwhelm. Unfortunately I am a little bit of a procrastinator and by the time I asked for a sample they were gone but you can see the fabric here. You can see pictures of the event here.

The most important moment of the night for me was when I had the pleasure of meeting Hadley. I can't honestly explain how someone of his status has managed to keep so grounded. He is incredibly humble and sweet. We briefly talked about Parsons, design in general and the Pyne Hollyhock print. We shared some laughs after I recited one of my favorite quotes by him "you can never do anything for a slob."


“But names really are not the point,” he says. “It’s what you can achieve for the simplest person. Glamour is part of it, but glamour is not the essence. Design is about discipline and reality, not about fantasy beyond reality.” Albert Hadley

I guess this quote by Albert Hadley can explain my answer to how he has remained humble and grounded. Two of the main qualities of class that are priceless.
Albert Hadley from Adam Lewis's Albert Hadley: The Story of America's Preeminent Interior Designer
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The statement piece

Every room should have a piece that makes an impact and it doesn't necessarily need to be a piece of furniture, it could also be a sculpture. Like in these living areas below, the statement is brought into the room by big busts. They also add drama to the room.

Kelly Wearstler, the queen of using big and bold accessories (picture above and below).


Billy & Katie Lee Joel's home
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Feminine and Masculine

The use of pink, gilded mirror combined with brown leather chairs and over sized rustic cocktail table make this room suitable for a man and a woman coexist in harmony.

Thanks to MFAMB for reminding me that this house belongs to Ann Duong.
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A glamorous mess

A glamorous life implies many things, one main element is owning good quality, personal accessories such as, chic sunglasses, exclusive business cards cases, good pens and so on. Louis Vuitton has never been on top of my list but I love how these ads of Sofia Coppola's designs for Louis Vuitton portray how even messy and disorganized glamorous things look fabulous.

Image via here.
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Women Portraits

I remember when I saw Sofia Coppola's home (above) at House and Garden. I can't believe one of my favorite magazines is not around anymore. Anyhow, I still dream about this room. The sculptural table, the zebra rug, the vintage chair and of course the Elizabeth Peyton painting call my name, I mean isn't this room timeless? Don't you still love it? women portraits can certainly bring that vintage touch into a room.

Image credit: My files, 3.
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Just perfect

I see something French, modern, traditional, tropical, sculptural in this image and everything works absolutely perfect together.

Image scanned by: here
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Good Morning, it's Monday and I hope it's the beginning of a productive week for you.

Images credit: 1 & 2
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Oh Oscar

Dear Oscar de la Renta,
Is your Punta Cana home available for a few days by any chance?
Solo preguntaba...

Images: here and here
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Mirror Mirror


Look in the mirror and see the beauty it reflects.
Image credit: 2 others Vogue Italia via don't know. I look at so many pictures that sometimes I lose track. If you know please let me know, I love to give credit where credit is due.
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This is perfect juxtaposition. The simple lines of the Arne Jacobsen egg chair and the disco ball add a modern, yet classic touch to this beautiful ornate room.
Image via here.
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Purple, the color of royalty...

Kelly Wearstler Hue Book limited edition.

Bruno De Gaumont via Elle Decor

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