Stripes= classic

For many reasons my obsession for stripes, I could say, is strong but perhaps the main reason is that stripes could be timeless like seen in these images below. A bathroom featured in 1995 by Elle Decor that still looks up-to-date and a photograph of Audrey Hepburn lounging at her home on a striped couch are two great models of its classic influence.

Audrey Hepburn at home photographed by Mark Shaw.

Top image by Elle Decor.

Camilla "La Belle"

Every time I see a photo of Camille Belle I can't help but notice the striking resemblance to Liz Taylor and Catherine Z Jones in her stunning beauty. As if her beauty wasn't enough she also knows how to dress in a classic and feminine way.


Love Chandeliers in the bedroom


Emma Jane Pilkington Pied-a-terre

Jemma Jane Pilkingon siting in her living room at her home
Good Morning I hope you had a wonderful father's day.  I came across these images of Emma Jane Pilkington's home in NYC, originally published in Vogue Living.  Her dual upbringing, between Australia and Greenwich, Conn. make her interiors a mixture of glam and bohemian that make them irresistible. The floors are painted to make them look like marquetry.  Enjoy!
Jemma Jane Pilkingon living room
Jemma Jane Pilkingon home office
Jemma Jane Pilkingon bedroom with stripped black and white rug
Jemma Jane Pilkingon mirrored closets
Jemma Jane Pilkingon home
some images from Studio Annetta.

I'll be back soon...

images from Cote Maison.

The Hermes Scarf

I'm anxiously awaiting for Nadine Coleno's book The Hermes Scarf: History & Mystique tracing the history of more than 2,000 Hermes scarf patterns since the first scarf debuted in 1937. Hermes scarfs have always symbolized a timeless style icon pursued and admired by many. Although for many of us collecting these legendary scarfs will require a hard-skin tenacity and a full time dedication in order to grab one soon as is available, that goes without saying the extensive amount of money implicated. There is always the possibility of having this book that is undoubtedly a must-have and a great education reference. The book is published by Thames & Hudson and it'll be available in July but you can pre-order it here.

Jackie O wearing one on her head.

Grace Kelly using an Hermes silk scarf as a sling for a broken arm

Uncommon bars

My Grandmother is over eighty and still doesn't need glasses. Drinks right out of the bottle.
Henry Youngman (1906-1998)


Feels like today...

I really prefer homes that have a rich history and tell a story. A home full of soul and individuality, like the two houses below owned by Gloria Vanderbilt. The first image is my favorite perhaps because of the mix of style and furniture that reveals the many travels of her owner. The last image is a photograph by Jack Robinson of Gloria Vanderbilt and her family in their home in Southampton in 1972. And to my eyes that living room is still beautiful. I see both of these spaces timeless and comfortable, a kind of place where I can definitely live in today.

images credit here.

My Inspirational Board

In this house, we drink wine and Champagne occasionally. So after a few years accumulating hundreds of corks I decided to recycle them. I got a frame, attached a plywood piece to the back and glued all the corks to turn it into an inspirational board in the Kitchen.

click on image above to enlarge.

Images by Belle Vivir.

An Inside Garden

Since I mentioned before that I'm slowly working on my deck during my spare time, I have been searching for rooms that inspire me. I'm looking to create a more relaxing and cozy outdoor space; a place where we can hang out for hours without getting our backs twisted. This room has incredibly beautiful details that are eye catching such as the gorgeous arched ceilings,
de Gournay wallpaper, the many orchids displayed throughout, the simple and unusual black and blue floor tiles and I can go on and on. The only thing I would bring with me into this room is lots of pillows for those back iron chairs, an ottoman to put up my feet, a few books and drinks.

source my file.

Francesco and Gael Boglione at Home

I'm an advocate for strong architecture, big dominating art and sculptural shaped furniture. Francesco and Gael Boglione's house in Richmond, England has lime-washed walls that get enhanced even further with the couple's incredible art collection that include works by Gary Hume, Lucien Freud and Damien Hirst among others. The most interesting part of this house is how the couple were able to keep it elegantly simple while having that impressive collection of art.

Images credit: Vogue Living Australia

Vogue Living Australia




I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.
all images from Vogue Living Australia.
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