Christmas, the Miles Redd way

While looking for images through my files for my earlier post I remembered this house that was designed by the glamorous Miles Redd. This house was featured in last year's December issue of Elle Decor and I love that its holiday decor is grand and festive yet easy to execute.

All images from Elle Decor. If you didn't get to see this home you can read about it here.

Christmas eye candy

As I mentioned before we're having a tree-less Christmas this year so I'm searching high and low for inspiration of little vignettes that can be easily created around the house. I'm sure many people choose to do this when they have little children running around the house. I hope these images get you inspired to have a beautiful Christmas even when not having a Christmas tree. Enjoy

Images from my file, Country Living, Southern Living and Home Companion.


Kelly Wearstler's tabletop is impeccably beautiful and a great option now that we're approaching Christmas. This collection will make a drop dead fabulous Christmas table, but at more than $100 a piece it is mostly out of reach. But, I was glad to came across this new china by Crate and Barrel that creates a similar dazzling effect. I think I found an alternative tabletop for my Christmas table.


The comfort zone

I believe that the planning of a space cannot only rely on practicality while ignoring style, nor can it be vise versa. Comfort and beauty should harmoniously coexist. Like William Morris once said "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." I am truly convinced that our surroundings influence our beings and if we put in our homes only what we love based on comfort and functionality beauty will reveal itself. After all, having a warm, comfortably functional and beautiful home to come back to at the end of a long and hectic day, is what we all covet. Don't take me wrong, if I could afford a Claude Lalanne chair I'll maybe purchase one but I'll first make sure I have enough space to enjoy it more like a displayed chic piece of furniture rather than an everyday-use one. These spaces below are chic without sacrificing comfort.

Vogue Living

This room designed by Miles Redd has lots of pillows for the owners and guests to rest their back and upholstered furniture to provide comfort as well, the lacquered walls and orange coffee table bring in that chic factor. 

Robert Couturier used a very comfortable couch and a very chic cocktail table as contrast in Frederic Fekkai and wife's living room

I just feel like cuddling in Michael Smith's yellow couch.
Living room designed by Ames Ignham

Let the sunshine in

After spending a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and giving thanks for all the great things in our lives, we enjoyed a delicious meal and the good company and snacking around every time we go into the kitchen. Sometimes the simple fact of being in good company is the greatest reason to be grateful. I want to thank you personally for being my amazing readers and for being with me all this long. I thought that these two spaces evoke an atmosphere like the one expected on a Thanksgiving weekend. Amazing how two different spaces from two separate homes can share the same ambiance all due to the amount and position of natural light coming in. I like how these two spaces show the importance of natural light and how it can create the appropriate atmosphere, two main elements to consider when selecting materials and color to decorate a home. Usually warm colors rather than pastels work better in these types of rooms with strong afternoon sunlight.

Our Thanksgiving table is ready

I hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I set up a very inexpensive table setting with a quick trip to Target and my local supermarket.

Happy Thanksgiving

Here are a few images to get you inspired because I know that not only the food part of today is important to design lovers like us. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by your loved ones.
Happy Thanksgiving
Martha Stewart


A life in colors

Kids really know how to enjoy life and that usually comes across in their fondness for colors. Wouldn't kids feel in heaven having a room that has everything they usually crave? Cabin-like-bunk beds and lots of color; What else would they ask for? Maybe skipping school...
Now, this garden room... I just love the striped sink skirt. I can't picture this kitchen without it. You know my obsession for stripes.

A touch of Christmas for your table

If I spot one of these adorable napkin rings at one of my friends Christmas dinner party, I might stay for next morning left over. Wouldn't you? Available here.

Have a wonderful weekend.

A Feminine Abode

I came across this very feminine and stylish home this morning while visiting iVillage. It belongs to designer Sara Tuttle and I love the use of pink tones mixed with gilded accessories and mirrored furniture throughout.

All images from here.

When spiral staircases steal the show

It can be pretty spectacular.
Giancarlo Giammetti Paris' apartment
A Paris home via here.

Creative use of wasted spaces

Storage, storage, storage is all we covet sometimes. Storage is something we can never get enough of, especially when we never stop buying or starting a new collection. When there is no empty floor space to add onto; going inside the walls, under staircases, or even adding a shelf over a hallway door is a smart way to go.
photo by Jon Jensen via Coastal Living

Love this idea of using books or magazines as bench legs.

putting priorities in order

If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much. - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

via here.
via here.

Via here.

Graffiti on your walls?

I believe that when there are children in the house the approach to decorate a house is based on safety more than anything else. Things like rounded corners instead of pointed ones, easy access to toys and keeping lower kitchen cabinets locked among other things are to be considered. But i also think there is a fun part that should be included when decorating a home with kiddos. Especially because personalized and unique homes could lead to creativity and individuality in your child. Things like stencils, geometric wallpapers or just a chalk wall would be a great way to inject that fun part in a home. I love all these images below and one thing I know for sure with a cool house like one of these below your kid will be the coolest kid in the block.

two top images via Vogue Living Australia.
Kelly Wearstler's grand foyer

Melbourne Fashion Institute Le Louvre via Vogue Living Australia.

I've been taking a class on Decorative Arts after 1800's and I have to say that even when I'm not a big fan of Cubist influenced paintings I've being strongly influenced by Stijl's style and its ideas of universal unification that makes me seriously think about doing something crazy with my foyer walls based on this particular style. Perhaps it would not be only horizontal and vertical lines, but would be a little bit more curvy here and there in a more monochromatic scheme.

A Theo van Doesburg painting.
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