Ain't your mama's bathroom...

Things are a little bit over my head right now, While in the process of finishing up the Golfer Flat, starting of a family's uptown apartment and now I'm about to start redoing our two bathrooms. Our master and Lucas', which also happens to be the guest bathroom. All these (our bathrooms) my hubby and I want it to be completed before Spring is over, right..., so we can enjoy the beautiful days without stress. Let's see if I can deliver.
For Lucas' bathroom I'm planning to install a one pedestal tub which I find more dynamic and appealing for a little boy than clawfoot ones. Now, for our master bath I'm needing, (do I really need it?) a soaking tub, but our bathroom is smaller or I shall say narrower than the other bathroom and because of the floor plans of both bathrooms (more on that later) I cannot remove any of the walls in order to be able to fulfill my need. But I'm determined to do it. My husband always tells me "why do you opt for difficult things?" I guess it's in my nature. Any suggestions as what I could do?



Nate Berkus

The world of Interiors

Kerry Joyce via Elle Decor.

Global Chic Home Office

What's not to love? spotted at via.

Baby Blue + shades of purple


Something globally appealing in these images make me want to stay home and enjoy the beauty one can create inside for us to feel happy. I hope you're are enjoying your week.
images via Hamish Bowles home via Vogue, Unknown and John Robshaw's home via

My son's Nursery

(click on the images to get a better look)
Last week I photographed Lucas' room. A friend of mine who lives overseas recently had a baby girl and has forever asked me to send her pictures of the room and I never seemed to find the time. So, I decided to post it in Belle Vivir instead. We haven't changed much since Lucas was born. Back then I was obsessed with iron beds but I didn't want to look too over the top (like in a J Lo's nursery kind of way).

I wanted it to be sweet and imaginative overall with a vintage kind of vibe. So I covered the crib's wall in a blue/greenish seagrass wallpaper to soften the iron balusters and enclosed the bed between two ikea wardrobes to give it a cozy feel. I re-covered the sconces shades in an ikat cotton fabric that I love. The bookshelves are a combination of storage cubes and a vintage Library card file drawer storage we bought at an architectural salvage store.

The first time a guest friend saw the room and spot the Love print by Made by Girl she said that no wonder she felt the room was put together with love and care and Yes, this was a labor of love. The print above it is Evren's (Hubby) first hand writing that his mom kept all this long. I had it blow out at kinkos and framed it as art. After all art is whatever touches your heart. I am very grateful that my special mother in low has kept all these beautiful meaningful things and we've been able to pass them on to Lucas. 

This little guy is perhaps my favorite decorative piece, after the watercolor behind it, from the room. I even look like him when I wear my trooper winter hat, my aviator glasses and one of my St. James sweaters, really. This little guy was one special gift from his grandmother who brought it all the way from Montmartre two years ago. The watercolor behind it is one of my favorite things in the room also because his grandfather painted it and it's perfect to me.


Who said that compartment drawer organizers are only for drawers? Here I used them to display Lucas' socks in order to have easy access.

I covered the back of the wardrobe in a Brunschwig & Fils Pivoine from Paule Marrot Editions and the cars inside are part of a Evren's own collection since he was two.
This room is filled with special meaningful lovely things.

The Perfect Kitchen

It's Monday and a beautiful one...Seriously; let's talk about this Kitchen. This is one of the most beautiful kitchens I've seen in my entire life. The flow that tides all the different elements is just perfect. The architectonic black iron sky light tides with the respectable la cornue range and hood and ceiling pendants, the magnificent stunning copper center island picks up the rest of the copper throughout, and those wide slabs of wood floor perfects it even further. This image is topping the file of my kitchen inspiration files. Brilliant!!!  via House Beautiful

Burgundy + Slate Gray

A pile of magazines await me on top of my nightstand. Also waiting for me... is a quick eat-out dinner tonight. I wish you a great weekend.


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Embrace what you have

Talking about living with what you love, or in another words, embrace what you have and make the best of it; I found this kitchen by T. Keller Denovan. Here Denovan didn't change the white stove, something that most of the people don't want, instead he diminished it by painting the walls in dark blue and make the end wall a focal point by displaying his big collection of blue Italian china and wicker baskets. A lovely friend of mine is always scared of glossy wall paints and I always say "flat paints are for warehouses, walls don't need to be perfect, really". As you can see Keller seems to think the same way.
P.S. Would anyone be kind enough to tell me the source of the fabric on the chair? Thank you.
image via.

Smart and creative

Sometimes it's not about the brand, the exclusive store it's been bought or how expensive it was, at the end it's all about creativity and making something simple work and look like a million bucks.

A kitchen like this...

A heavenly ceiling, tall cabinets that make the tiny space look bigger, brass-looking glam-to-die-for back splash and slick looking cabinets; this kitchen for sure will make us want to cook elaborate and sumptuous meals every single night.

Timothy P. Mather design via Canadian House and Home.

Green is good

Finally home after a hectic but beautiful and sunny day. All I feel like doing is enjoying a delicious green apple martini, put my feet up and enjoy the rest of the night.
I've been eying this elegant and still relatively affordable tote Cole Haan Vintage Valise Kendra Tote.

Luisa Olazabal


It's officially Spring, yeah!!! and although I've been longing for the sunny and warmer days to lighten up with softer and thinner fabric clothes while enjoying the smell of Daffodils which will soon be everywhere, it seems like nature has different plans, at least for today. It looks more like a rainy Fall day out of my window. So until Spring feels and look more like Spring here are beautiful and elegant images of a home designed by Luisa Olazabal where the muted palette throughout the house with its little displays of flowers and greenery in every room feel like Spring is arriving slowly. I have to warn you though, if going into Luisa's website get ready to stay there a long time, not only the images w

Below, a few images of Luisa Olazabal's serene and inspiring studio.


Thoughts and Prayers with Japan

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~Mark Twain
Let our prayers and thoughts be with Japan and its people. I hope your weekend is full of love and peace.
Images via Robert Couturier

God is in the DETAILS

Fresh flowers, mirrored boxes and framed art in a powder room, all in white, black and gilded- it's always a delight to unveil. While displaying more accessories such as sketches, handsome hand written poems and artistic plates in front of a chicken-wire-like bookcase is a nod to "everything is in the details"

sorry don't remember the sources.

Smile, it's almost Friday

Love this superb playroom, also love Gwyneth.

How to wear all-black

Go chic or go and visit a funeral. Growing up I remember seeing old ladies who only wore black and did nothing more than go to funerals to pray. They were always mourning someone even if it was someone they didn't really know. For me black has been a color associated with mourning and I literally feel heavy when dressed in black. When there is absolutely nothing for me to wear I would go for black usually because you don't really distinguish one black outfit from the other, but Friends and family tend to compliment me on when "I have nothing else to wear" occurs. I did some search and concluded that the best way to wear an all-black outfit should be in a chic modern way. No matchy matchy suits or too formal outfits. All these ladies are inspiring me to see black clothes in a completely different way.

Caroline Sieber via Garance Dore

 The always stylish Anna Dello Russo

  Natalie Massenet 


 Giovanna Battaglia who seems to favor black.

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