Kitchen of the week, think lego, lego and originality.

 Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti, two Paris-based designers spent a week covering this ikea kitchen island in legos.  With over 20,000 pieces of legos they certainly created something never seen before.  Quite unique and quite a task as well.  A perfect one to do with kids. Enjoy!


Use what you love

This house is like therapy for sadness and uncreativity.  Full of color and interesting furniture, check out those chairs and that chrome cart bar next to the Lucite chair.  It's all about doing what you like and putting together what you love.  Many people would be afraid to use brass and chrome together but as the stylist Sibella Court shows us, it can be done beautifully.

I adore that big painting and the trellis wallpaper below makes this foyer inviting and cozy.

photos by Mikkel Vang via The City Sage.

A couple in The City of Lights

I remember the first time I visited Paris it happened to be around my birthday which I got to celebrate on the Eiffel Tower.  Yes, I know, very turistique but it was my first time in Paris in my defense and we were a small group of girlfriends just mezmerized by the beauty of that City.  I remember how every corner I would stand I would say to myself, perplexed..." This City is like a post card, everywhere I see it's just perfect"  How could that be?  I haven't yet experienced Paris in a romantic way but I don't really think there is a need to physically go there with a partner to inhale the romance.  I think that is everywhere you go in The City of Lights, be that with special company or not.  How about you? How special was your first time in Paris?

All images by Ben Watts photography.

A Cool Orangery

Humans could be very complex, you know?  We long for summer hot days only when our bodies are freezing during the cold days and once they arrive, all we wish is to stay inside under the divine, most needed A.C.  Who can really marry our eternal love for summer with our little tolerance for hot and humid days?  Last night we had to sleep without A.C because our little one was not feeling well, needless to say we did not have a decent sleep.  So, I was thinking how wonderful it would be to get to spend the summer days inside an Orangery like this one where you get to see and feel like/the outside while enjoying the coolness inside.  The owners of this heavenly looking orangery are Fawaz Gruosi and Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele and when I first saw it in this current issue of Elle Decor, the first thought that came to my mind was that it looks like it came out of a pure love story.  It's romantically classy.  The owners hung framed dry leaves on the walls and the ceiling is frescoed to make it look like ivy.  The birdcages hanging from the ceiling add that final touch of romance. Sigh  

Bright, bold and beautiful

Hot summer days seem to have arrived for good and I can't be happier.
With that in mind all I can think of is of bright, bold and beautiful
outfits to spend the days in, take Lucas outside more often and enjoy
the late afternoon breeze by the river edge while watching him
play.  What are you looking forward to enjoy your summer

P.S. I'm posting from my IPad (not fun to type in this thing) because I can't log into my blogger account from my computer.  Is anyone else having this eissue as well?
Meredith Wendell bag, "make waves" bangleMissoni briga shorts, tricolour vamp shoe

LOOK!!! wraparound beauties

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening"-Chanel   I agree, but for now...let's just wrap it around our wrists.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

kitchen of the week, think concrete and basic

For these owners in the south of France an environmentally friendly and basic kitchen was the first priority for the remodeling of their home.  Designer Annick Lestrohan created this open kitchen of mainly concrete with very subtle glam touches like the brass wall-mounted faucets and the shimmery tiles on the table top, that keep this unique kitchen from being austere. Enjoy.

Photos by Henri Del Olmo via French by Designg

A Rustic Summer Home in Portugal

Love the display of hats in the entrance.
My hubby told me a couple of weeks ago "Let's go to Portugal"  and after seeing this vacation home I feel the urge.   This home designed by Marta Espregueira Mendes via Casa Tres Chic caught my attention due to its great combination of rustic and soft elements, classic kilim rugs and contemporary furniture.  The splashes of color throughout keeps the neutral tones of the stone walls, ceilings and floors alive.  Enjoy.


Beam Ceilings, exposed

Homes with exposed beam ceilings can evoke such a warmth and welcomed feeling.  Mostly used in country or beach homes they can also be found in city homes when painted. Either painted or left in natural wood color, its architectural statement even though pretty impressive, is down to earth and relaxed.
So many different elements combined in this room above, gorgeous wooden bookcases, white beam ceiling, black and white floor, metal furniture and brass... Love it! 
I absolutely love those sliding doors, the coffee table is so interesting and unique yet simple.  The color combination is right up my alley.  One thing I would add? A very cozy sisal rug. via

Jacques Grange's summer home in Portugal.  What can I say...that this is what I meant when I said this? exactly!

A very serene and relaxed room with everything rustic but the curtains and the soft fabrics make everything look very inviting.

This nautical theme room is great for a boy's room in a beach summer home.
Another view of the spectacular Portugal summer home of Jacques Grange.  I love you Jacques!

As seen above painted beam ceilings can also be used in a more urban style.
I can't even imagine how could I ever work in an office this gorgeous.  This was designed by David Hicks for Alannah Hill's head office in Australia via Ivy & Piper.

Modern Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are quintessentially American and although I believe they are not that good looking they could be cute comfortable.  The traditional ones could be a bit rustic but then again, they're cooomfortable.... and with the new designs now available everyone who is up for comfort can enjoy one without sacrificing style.  Below is a list of more modern Adirondack chairs. Enjoy

A coral round back adirondack chair and tiger wood chair at Etsy

Jovanni rounded ones and CB2 Sawyer chairs are made of eco-friendly sustainable eucalyptus wood.

Royal Botania from Unica.

 These colorful Cedar fish-shaped Adirondacks with ottoman are kind of fun.
Below, For the kiddos!

These kids Adirondack chairs come in sizes for kids ages 1 through 10. here

Entertaining a la Parisienne and a few tips to do it right

Good morning my lovely visitors.  It's a cloudy Monday morning; Not a news anymore, and the only thing I would love to do is to stay inside, grab a cup of hot coco and enjoy a long and warm meal with family and friends.  But, it's the beginning of a new week and as I said before, a very busy one.  By Wednesday, I hope, I can start posting the updates of our master bathroom remodeling.  It's going to be a fun week.  For now I'll share these beautiful images of a Chic-Parisian table setting designed by the  cookbook author Dorie Greenspan "Around my French Table".  In this article at More magazine Dorie shares a few rules to consider when entertaining a la Parisienne; such as, "forks face down, tines against the tabletop, and serve the water at room temperature (anything colder is too shocking)" Check out the article for really good looking recipes.  Below, is how I would decorate a Parisienne table setting.  Enjoy!

 Formal china set,  bamboo goldplate flatware, crocodile placemat and napkin ring, drinkware,
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