Take it outside

Our outdoor patio will have to have a place to eat Al Fresco, cushions, there must be a bunch for comfort, evergreen and of course flowers among which there will be wisteria, lavender and roses. ummm...that sounds like a lot of purple.

French Bathrooms

French style bathroom eclectic design
We're starting to renovate Lucas' bathroom and this time I'm going for a more eclectic French approach.  It's for a toddler this bathroom, but it'll also be shared with guests so it'll be eclectic and rooted on tradition.  I love how French have proven their immortal style so much so that sometimes they throw this here and that there and they know that the result will be as close to perfect as if they had planned it more carefully.  I'll just try and see what comes out.  After all Belle stands for my love of everything French and Vivir for my living, feeling and experience through design since I ever remember.  Enjoy the eye candy!

French style bathroom design

French style bathroom design white marble

French style bathroom design floating concrete  sink with oval mirror

French style bathroom design patterned floor tiles and freestanding tub
French style bathroom design

French style bathroom design
French style bathroom design blue tiles, white sink and venetian mirror

Wednesday Classics, FLAMESTITCH

 Chastleton House, Oxfordshire
Flamestitch or Florentine stitch, not to be confused with zig zag,  is believed to be originated in Hungary as Hungarian stitch or embroidery.   The design that is as old as you can imagine was first found and created as embroidery, which was called in Italy Bargello Arts Stiching, hence the Bargello chairs.  It consists in straight up and down uneven zigzag resembling flames.  Back in the 1600's Anne Fettiplace, wife of Walter Jones, had a bedroom and closet " The Fettiplace Closset" in the Chastleton House, Oxfordshire covered completely in Flamestitch.  Mary Mcdonald anyone?  You see how nothing is really new?

 Mary Mcdonald's closset
David Hicks
Flamestich pattern became huge in the 70's and it's the type of pattern that can either be hated or loved, no middle ground here.  David Hicks was a fan, as is Mary Mcdonald today.

 Alex Papachristidis
 Kelly Wearstler
 Dona Remember

LOOK!!! Sally Benedict's amazing paintings

 I am completely madly in love with Sally Benedict's sophisticated work.  In her work, full of soft and delicate colorful strokes, I see a little bit of Matisse and Williem de Kooning's influence.  Now, when all I can think about involves sand, sunblock and sun, her beach abstract landscape paintings are calling my name and I think they would look stunning in a beach house.

Abstract Expressionism is my favorite type of painting.  Below are two of hers which I think are breath taking.


Kitchen of the week, think whitewash wood and stone walls

A lovely kitchen to start the week, right?!  The earthy and fresh feel of this kitchen screams beach at countless miles away.  Its stone walls, whitewash island, straw bag resting on the floor and white pottery do nothing more than confirm it. 
Image via Delight by Design.

Have A Nautically Chic Weekend

The high temperatures here in the Northeast have broken records.  It reached 103 degrees yesterday and although it calls for staying inside under the cool effect of AC, reality screams something different.  But finally the weekend is here and I have decided that even when it's burning hot outside, outdoors is the place for me to be this weekend.  But before I confront the heat wave outside I will suck in all these relaxing and refreshing images for inspiration and perhaps encouragement.  Happy weekend everyone!

Photos by Marcus Ohlsson, Henrik Halvarsson via Classicq and Kate Ryan.

Celerie Kemble at Kips Bay Decorator's Showhouse

Kips Bary Decorator's Show House 2011 Celerie Kemble Interiors
I know that you, my lovely friends, may have seen this room before but I loved it so much that I thought it would be only right to post about it.  In fact this was my favorite room in the entire Kips Bay Decorator's Show House 2011. Kemble Interiors converted this pine-paneled room into a sophisticated, feminine library with magnificent details. The color scheme is perfectly harmonious making nothing stand out by itself, rather make the whole room balanced and harmonious. The verre √©glomis√© ceiling depicting a Chinoiserie scenery, a creation of Miriam Ellner, helps draw the eyes towards the ceiling and emphasize the height of the room. My favorite part is the selection and placement of furniture, especially the pink tete-a-tete in front of the floor to ceiling windows and the very chic selection of side and cocktail tables.  To brighten up the wooden paneling Kemble Interiors covered the bookcases with white faux leather and lucite shelves.  The only thing in this room that I find a little bit odd is the fact that the sconces are mounted right into the art above the fireplace.  Other than that I could seriously move in tomorrow and not change a thing.
Kips Bary Decorator's Show House 2011 Celerie Kemble
Kips Bary Decorator's Show House 2011 Kemble Interios

Kips Bary Decorator's Show House 2011
Kips Bary Decorator's Show House 2011 Kemble INteriors
Kips Bary Decorator's Show House 2011 fire place library
Kips Bary Decorator's Show House 2011 kemble pink tete a tete settee

Kips Bary Decorator's Show House 2011
First three images via Kemble Interiors, rest by Belle Vivir.

Gallery Walls Ideas: Wall Art Composition

Gallery wall home decor ideas via belle vivir blog
I have had this post about Gallery Walls Ideas saved for a few weeks, and lucky for me I have something interesting to share with you today.  An art wall composition with mixed and matching frames is to my eye a lot more interesting than one that keeps the same frame and displayed in a contained group. I think it's a more collective and exiting look.  Here are a few wall art composition ideas to inspire your home decor.  I think that as long as one keeps similar color scheme in the art and in the frames and keeps an equal distance between them, anyone can do it well. Of course having great art doesn't hurt either. Enjoy!
Gallery wall decorating ideas via belle vivir blog

Gallery wall decor ideas via belle vivir blog
Gallery wall home decor and inspiration ideas via belle vivir blog
Gallery wall ideas via belle vivir blog for home decor inspirations
 images credit: Chahan Minassian, House and Garden Australia, Kate Spade's home

Food For Thought and "enjoy your weekend"

"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." Abraham Lincoln

Image via New York city lights and illustration by Rene Gruau.

Last day of the series with Beth and Kristy from My Design Chic

I wanted to thank all of the fabulous ladies who collaborated in Staycation in Style series and my fantastic readers for supporting it.  I hope we have accomplished our goal of bringing everyone suggestions as to how to spend the best time in your own skin and in your own town.  Today is the last day of the series and I couldn't think of a better way of ending it with Beth and Kristy from My Design Chic.  The mother and daughter's great eye and taste comes across in their beautiful blog which is a must to visit.   I'm up for all of their great ideas.  Who doesn't need a relaxed weekend or some extra  sleep?
Summer is the perfect time to get away from everything and take a break from your normal routine, but, sometimes, between packing, flying, stopping the mail, finding someone to feed the cat... Shew! Getting away can feel less like vacation and more like, well, work. That’s why we think that, every now and again, finding a way to relax and recharge in your own home can be an even better way to truly unwind. What’s the best start to our perfect staycation? Why, sleeping late, of course -- it’s guilt free! Sleep hours, like chocolate calories, simply do not count while on vacation.
Perhaps the loveliest transition from sleeping to waking is a piping cup of tea, in your pajamas, overlooking the most beautiful view in your home. If we felt so inclined, this would be a prime time to catch up on some long overdue journaling.
The last thing some people want to do on their vacation is work out, but yoga makes us feel so refreshed we don’t even think of it as exercise. Deep, quieting breaths, a few sun salutations and meditating on all the things for which we are thankful really put us in that vacation state of mind.
Or, better yet, recapturing our childhood with some time in a swing.
No vacation would be complete without some time on the courts. Adrenaline pumping, fresh air and good friends. Does life get any better?
We would like to thank Julie so very much for choosing us as guest bloggers while she’s away relaxing.  However you choose to unwind, we hope the rest of your summer holds many moments of restful bliss! Best, Beth and Kristy
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