Kitchen of the week: Kitchens with Floor to Ceiling Tiles

white kitchen with floor to ceiling tiles on the walls and fireplace via belle vivir
A kitchen with walls covered from floor to ceiling with tiles gives the impression of being well finished.  Regardless of what type of back splash is covering the walls, the simple subway tiles, marble slabs or hand painted tiles, the whole effect gives the kitchen a feeling of grandeur and cleanness.  For an even more seamless appearance some people go with grout of the same color as the tiles while others who prefer a more contrasting effect decide on gray or black grout.  I prefer a darker grout especially if the kitchen is all white to give it depth.  There are many different shades of gray from darkest to lightest.  Enjoy!
kitchen with dar floor, white cabiners, destressed table and floor to ceiling tiles
kitchen with mosaic floor and floor to ceiling tiles via belle vivir blog
kitchen with floor to ceiling subway tiles and caned chairs
kitchen with bookshelf with colorful books, white subway tiles and black countertops via elle decor and belle vivir blog
kitchen with marble back splash and white cabinets
open kitchen with mosaic tiles from floor to ceiling
white kitchen with floor to ceiling tiles on the walls via belle vivir
white kitchen with floor to ceiling subway tiles on the walls via belle vivir

A Classic French pied-à-terre

That was a longer and unexpected weekend than anticipated, but it felt soo good!  After spending a great time with family in thanksgiving I shielded myself home from frenzied Black Friday.  So afraid even to stick my head out of the window.  Then on Sunday the perfect and wonderful weather pulled me out and went with my hubby and our little one for a delicious sandwich at Murray's Cheese, that we enjoyed at the corner park with church bells ringing in the background- it was pretty simple but magical.
Then last night while sitting in my living room and imploring God for some inspirations to blog about, I came across this pied-à-terre in Tolouse, France that belongs to the Architects Daniel Suduca and Thierry Merillou, the owners of Galerie Saint Jacques.  The apartment which they reconfigured to make more open and fluid, is filled with 20th Century furniture by different and amazing designers.  This home is a harmonious marriage between the classic and the personal. 
As I like to emphasize, I love a home full with Architectural furniture that makes it unique and out of the ordinary. 
Jean Prouve chair and table juxtaposed a Louis XVI arm chair covered in chintz.  The carpet is by Lalanne.
The Ashanti bench in the living room seems to be waiting for someone to sit on it.
 A Gio Ponti Chest of Drawers in the bedroom where the walls are lined in dark brown fabric.
 A Lalanne sheep sculpture next to a absolutely beautiful chair.
 I'd like to marry this bathroom. 
photograph by Manolo Yllera

Happy Thanksgiving

Wherever you are, I wish you a warm and Happy Thanksgiving.  We all have countless reasons to be thankful, even when we don't realize them or verbalize them.  I hope the night gets a bit chilly to light our fireplace, play a lot of Christmas music and just be merry.  Happy Thanksgiving!
Top image from Tumblr.

Interiors in Black and White

dining in black and white polka dot via belle vivir blog
To many people the thought of decorating a home entirely in black and white may sound a little bit too formal or too sober.  Colors are too comforting and too welcoming, even if the interior is done in pastel colors.  But there are rooms that seem to pull it off surprisingly well, and the common factor seems to be one or two whimsical touches.  This dining room above designed by Alberto Pinto, for instance, has a very playful chandelier and chairs upholstered in polka dots.  The table setting is also very whimsical.
modern living room in black and white furniture, lucite chairs and fireplace via belle vivir blog
This living area above is also very light in ambiance with lucite based curvy modern chairs and a shag rug.
vanity in black and white via belle vivir blog
Whims everywhere in this bathroom, from the shade to the skirted chair/stool.  The sconces have their own touch too. 
Interiors in black and white via belle vivir blog
 Mix and match chairs in this room include casual Panton chairs and Louis XV style chairs.
Interiors in black and white via belle vivir blog
 Sort of polka dot again covering a chair.
modern entryway in black and white with zebra rug and round mirror via belle vivir blog
The space above has like a very nice light reflection that gives it a hint of pink.  The zebra rug, the round mirror and the sconces pull everything off.
bathroom in black and white with marble sink and chrome shower doors via belle vivir blog
This bathroom is quite spectacular.  What doors!  Love the size of the sconces and the brass door handle.
entry way in black walls and white table and zebra stool via belle vivir blog
 Here again, the zebra stool and the shape of the lamps brake the space from being too sober.
Interiors in black and white striped stool via belle vivir blog
So beautiful!
images via Nuevo Estilo and Elle Decor

Thanksgiving Decor Inspirations and Ideas

I'm very excited about Thanksgiving this year because my sister from Virginia is coming over and spending it with us.  I'm accumulating as much images as I can for inspirations and ideas to decorate around the house.  The Holidays are for decorators what Candyland is for kids.  The decorating, the planning process and the anticipation of having a great time with loved is overwhelmingly energizing.
The idea of putting the flowers inside a pumpkin is pretty cool and I guess there is a base with water inside to keep the flowers fresh. 
 This table setting could be perfect for a wedding during Thanksgiving Day.
This is one of the most beautiful Thanksgiving decorations I've seen.  It's brown and white scheme is non conventional but that is what makes the entire ensemble so cozy and warm.  The owls are just too cute.  I think I'm having an owl moment...
Love the combination of blue and pumpkinish color. 
This table setting from the beloved Domino is simple and easy to replicate.  Dry leaves and real pumpkin with simple plates makes it very low maintenance. 
 Love this too.  Black and white pumpkins should be a classic.
 The whole atmosphere in this image above is very romantic. 
Are those tomatoes or small pumpkins on the table.  Whatever they are, me like it.  I think the combination used for this table setting is very sophisticated.  Cheers!

Chic + Glamorous Table Setting Ideas

 This traditional blue and white table setting is what makes a modernist want to convert back.
May you not worry about your table for the Holidays 'cos I've got you covered.  If you are looking for table setting ideas for your Thanksgiving or Christmas fete, that is.  I know that all these inspirations are perhaps too chic and glamorous.  Too over the top, but they can be reinterpreted your way.  Flowers can be replaced by winter seasonal ones and accessories can be traded for pumpkins and/or Christmas ornaments.  
 This Alberto Pinto table setting is whimsical in a very over the top and elegant way. 
 Alberto Pinto combined purple, yellow and emphasized the colors with sculptural orchids.
Here, blue and white is used in a more modern setting.  Mirrored place mats reflect the brass on the chairs. 
 What's not to love about this black and white striped tablecloth as a background for brass silverware.
 Confetti screams party from all angles.
 Simple but elegant
Oscar de la Renta's stunning table.

Kitchen of the week: Yellow Cabinet Kitchen + Coffered Ceiling

Waking up to a Kitchen with bright yellow cabinets is like being greeted with a "good morning sunshine" every single day.  With such an impressive antique ornate coffered ceiling, a simple and delicate pendant is the smartest thing to do.   If all the previous failed, for sure a black and white polka dotted floor will do.  Enjoy! 
Have you had your sunshine today...
image from Veranda Magazine via Splendid Sass and Pinterest

They've got their 10,000 hours or more

If you have read Malcolm Gladwell's book, Outliers: The Story of Success then you're familiar with his theory about how all successful men and women besides having wonderful and enduring qualities have a continuous common factor among them which is an incredible amount of hours at practicing and getting perfect at what they love and what they are passionate about.  Gladwell claims that in order to be an "Outlier" one should complete 10,000 hours doing what one wants to excel in.  The book is way deeper and more explanatory and it goes into greater details about his theory and how everything makes totally sense, so if you haven't read it, I strongly suggest that you do.
I can't help connecting everything I read to design, so the first outlier in design that came to my mind was Albert Hadley and with him some members of what I call "The magic circle."  No I don't mean Palates, you!, I mean all the successful designers who once worked for Albert Hadley and seem to have enduring success.  I'm not going to go into detail as how I calculated the hours because it could be tedious but only the period from 1962 to 1999 during the time of Parish-Hadley partnership He seems to have had under his belt more than 72,224 hours; business hours only.  That is not counting the times when a designer keeps working mentally and takes every detail of the work home.  Isn't that amazing!?
Bunny Williams who worked for Alber Hadley for 22 years.  During that time she had only 42,944 hours.  Amazing!

Miles Redd, even though he didn't work directly for Mr. Hadley but he got some of the magic circle through Bunny.  Miles opened his firm in 1998 and before that he worked for Bunny Williams for 5 years and before that for John Rosselli.  That is approximately a total of 23 years.  You do the math...
David Easton  worked for Parish-Hadley from 1967 to 1972 to then found David Eston Interiors.  He's been working ever since.  Yes, that many hours!  Uhm... I wonder if blogging counts.  ah.. I don't think so.  :(
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