Oversized photography

I'm helping a very good friend of mine to decorate her apartment in the Hells Kitchen area of the City and one, if not, “the” statement piece of the room will be an oversized photograph flanked by two swing arm sconces.  Architectural photography works great in any design setting, bringing the much needed tension to a traditional room and/or lending visual weight to a very modern room.   Enjoy!

 Christian Chaize photography
 A Thomas Struth photograph
 Art looks amazing even in the kitchen.
 Love everything in this room
 Christian Chaize
Below, two beautiful and big posters at a very good price available at Etsy20x200 is also an excellent site for good affordable art.

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Splendid Sass said...

Great post, Julie. Love the last two, lol.
Happy Wednesday.

Olga@Stardust-Decor&Style said...

Wow! What a great inspiration! And idea for my kitchen! LOL!

designchic said...

Wow, Julie, it's stunning...adore the color on of the beach!!