Kitchen of the week: Completely open ones

Ever since kitchens became the center of the house, meaning that they are usually literally in the middle of the house.  More often in homes or apartments with an open floor plan, they are looking less and less like a kitchen.  Leaving upper walls empty of cabinets that could make the space feel cramped or closed in and instead making them a focal point by using beautiful stones or tiles, adding sconces, art and many other things that before were more commonly used in other rooms of the house.  I like this new recent trend, I like the idea of making the kitchen part of the decor of the house, if living in a place where the kitchen is open. Enjoy!


 A very minimalist and rustic kitchen.  Love the stove.

 This kitchen is too cute!

 Love the home school feel of this kitchen.
This kitchen is simple but it's very clean and organized.

images 1 via Carlotte Minty, 3 & 6 via Simply Grove, 4 Nuevo Estilo, 2 & 5 via Tumblr.
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classiq said...

There is something I like in every one of these kitchens. :)

Karena said...

Beautiful kitchens11 I love the open spaces!

Julia.......I wanted you to know...I am featuring Anita Rivera, Friend, Designer and Paper Artist with Castles Crowns & Cottages on my site.

Art by Karena

classic • casual • home said...

This really makes me want a kitchen with no upper cabinets. When we lived in Paris, we designed our kitchen with IKEA stainless steel shelves...the tiny kitchen felt open.

Fashion-isha said...

The best part about these kitchens is that they don't look like kitchens!

Diane said...

The kitchen looks so much fun, it's really beautiful!

irisinteriors said...

Your blog is so inspirational. I could get lost in the images all day. I love these unique kitchens. The kitchen with the map is so fresh and fun.

LeaMikhaela said...

I love how you did the Lighting Decorating in you kitchen. I have installed small laps on my kitchen walls as if you're in an Italian restaurant. But I love the design of your kitchen.Thank you for sharing those photographs.