I'm looking for the perfect: Loafers

As much as I love to dress up and wearing heels, I think heels should only be used strictly from the car/taxi to the event.  During the day, to walk around town flat shoes is my only option.  I'm very into the tomboy kind of look lately.  I know, I'm fashion-experimenting.  Still.  These cute loafers are to live by.  In pair from top, from left to right: Opening Ceremony, Collete, Jimmy Choo, Etsy, Valentino, Charles Philip, Dieppa Restrepo.

One of my favorite homes # 2: J. Randall Powers

J.Randall Powers living room via belle vivir blog
 This is the shot that was used in the cover of Elle Decor

 J. Randall Powers living room design belle vivir
Now that we're moving into a new home, I've been revising my favorite homes and this one designed by J. Randall Powers is one of those.  One of my favorite things about this home is how none of the furniture actually relate to each other but the combination of all of them is pure genius, fresh and elegant.  How is it that Elle Decor described it? "Cool and Elegant" no wonder!

J. Randall Powers design belle vivir blog
Klismos is my all time favorite chair and this interpretation of it is calling me.
J. Randall Powers home decor belle vivir blog

J. Randall Powers fireplace belle vivir blog

J. Randall Powers vignette belle vivir blog

Love this corner

J. Randall Powers bedroom via belle vivir blog

J. Randall Powers badroom design via belle vivir blog
all images via Elle Decor and J. Randall Powers website

How to make a folding screen and Snippets of my Home

This top picture is not the best picture of the folding screen I'm referring to, but you get the idea.  I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, there is no standard size for the width of the panels of a folding screen,  but there is a need for the thickness to be at least 1-1/2" in order for the screen not to tilt over.  I had the frame custom made (cut-assemble-paint) by my carpenter and then I wallpapered it myself.  Now, here is the trick of how I did it.  To make the entire process a lot easier for me I asked my carpenter to make each panel the same width as the wallpaper.  That helped me to avoid cutting the wallpaper along the sides, which is very complicated and time consuming.  The size of the screen is 7' tall with four panels of 20" wide.  I fell madly in love with the Block Wallpaper by Erika Wakerly in brown, gold and beige. 
I can't believe that exactly four years ago we moved into this house and started remodeling it slowly.  And just when it's finished it's time to pack up and move to another country.  I look forward to moving to Sao Paulo and start designing our new home.  Nothing like having complete autonomy when decorating a home.  Below are two more shots of vignettes in our home.
On a separate note, the genuine and sweet Ada from Classiq invited me to be part in her beautiful Chic Files series and I'm more than flattered.  If you want to see me pretending to be an important person and answering a few fashion-related questions and wearing my loving stripes then head over there.  Enjoy!

In case you're interested.  Above, an ebonized inlaid commode from Italy and it's from Lerebours Antiques at E 60th St.  The alabaster candle sticks are by Jardins en Fleur, the Greek key base is a Home Goods find, the brass sculpture, the marble lion sculpture and mirror are from a local vintage store.

A vignette of my vanity.  The necklace and scarf are from Anthropologie, the cross is custom made (my mom's), the coral and the pill case are from Turkey,  two of the bangles are from C. Wonder and the one next to the watch is from the Antique Garage Flee Market.

Comfortably Chic

I'm all about feeling good in my clothes.  Baggy pants, loose dresses, boyfriend jeans is all I am craving this summer.  The top outfit is my favorite because has the right balance between tomboy, feminine and chic. 

 images via Refinery29, The Sartorialist and Fashion Edit

Food For Thought


Birkin or Kelly

I have an eternal love for everything classic that looks young and when I think of owning an Hermes bag, someday, I can only think about a Kelly.  For me it looks younger and more versatile than a Birkin.  They are both equally iconic and classic but a Kelly bag is like the perfect redish nail polish that still looks hip and young.  Enjoy!



To Rome with love: Palazzo Margherita

Can I just say how much I appreciate the magical touch in Woody Allen movies.  We went to see To Rome With Love late last night and even though I enjoyed every scene and vision watching the beautiful Italian architectures and ruins, it was probably not the best of the ideas.  It just made my yearn for Italy a lot more profound.  Whenever we go I need to pay a visit to Palazzo Margherita, owned by Francis Ford Coppola, located in an unconventional town called Bernalda.  The Hotel was designed by Jacques Grange, another reason for me to visit it, and it's authentically old school Italian.  It's not in a very touristic town.  This is a place more in tune for people who want to experience the real Italian small town life, but even if there is not much to do, I would be perfectly content drinking Margarita's by the pool or simply walking around the town and enjoying the beautiful medieval hilltops.

images from WSJ and Palazzo Margharita.

Random Instagram-tification: Things I love

To make my niece and nephew laugh hard! 
To hit my gym as early in the mornings as possible, especially now that they have internet in the treadmills.
My Juicy Couture night driving glasses.  Never saw the need for glasses coming!
Chocolate! and my Jardins en Fleur alabaster candle holders.  I love everything John Dickinsonish...
The view from Bouchon at Columbus Circle is the most beautiful view of NYC.
Having brunch with friends cannot be beat.
Inside Ze Cafe.  Lovely!
All images from my Instagram

Kitchen of the week -Perfectly Mediterranean

This beautiful summery kitchen immediately transports me to a far away spot under the Mediterranean sun where the days are long and warm, and everything seems and appears to be easier and leisurable.  Enjoy!

Image via Pinerest.
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