Beautiful Bathtubs

Photo above via Lonny.
When I think of customizing or designing a bathroom the first thought that comes to my mind after functionality is of relaxation and pampering.  A bathroom is the most private room in the house and it's also the place we need to rely on in the mornings to helps us start the day efficiently and happy.  One of my favorite things in our bathrooms is Lucas's bathtub because it's perfect for all our needs.  I personally prefer a pedestal tub, the kind that do not have legs, but whether you prefer one with legs or not, Quality Bath has all the options for you.  Below are a few of my favorites from their great selection.
This copper tub reminds me of Frederique Mechiche's beautiful bathroom.
Always loved this bathroom!
Image above via Elle Decor
I would love one tub like this one.  It looks comfortable and stylish. 

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Our French Inspired Home said...

I am right there with you on the shape. I love the two copper tubs you show. We have selected one that is similar but instead of copper is porcelain. The last one unfortunately reminds me of a gravy dish I have so just because of that I cant imagine myself laying inside relaxing, but it does look comfortable.

Splendid Sass said...

Beautiful post, Julie!
Happy Monday.

carolyn bradford said...

This is gorgeous! Love the copper tub! My son is a builder and he and his wife just re-did their own bathroom and it is exquisite if I do say so myself! Their tub is the porcelain like the copper one's you've shown and I am so envious! Maybe he can re-do mine one day soon! So glad I found your blog through Teresa! Have a wonderful week!

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