One of my favorite homes # 2: J. Randall Powers

J.Randall Powers living room via belle vivir blog
 This is the shot that was used in the cover of Elle Decor

 J. Randall Powers living room design belle vivir
Now that we're moving into a new home, I've been revising my favorite homes and this one designed by J. Randall Powers is one of those.  One of my favorite things about this home is how none of the furniture actually relate to each other but the combination of all of them is pure genius, fresh and elegant.  How is it that Elle Decor described it? "Cool and Elegant" no wonder!

J. Randall Powers design belle vivir blog
Klismos is my all time favorite chair and this interpretation of it is calling me.
J. Randall Powers home decor belle vivir blog

J. Randall Powers fireplace belle vivir blog

J. Randall Powers vignette belle vivir blog

Love this corner

J. Randall Powers bedroom via belle vivir blog

J. Randall Powers badroom design via belle vivir blog
all images via Elle Decor and J. Randall Powers website


Our French Inspired Home said...

I can understand why you like this home. Its not easy to pull off a mix of furnishings that go well together but I agree this works.

Catharina Campos said...

Your post are so iqual. We need new ideas please. Kisses Cathy

the designers muse said...

So elegant! It's eclectic, but it works. Thanks for sharing.

Devon Mann said...

They're indeed lovely. But I do prefer to have lesser stuffs in my house. Though beautiful decorations are really beautiful, still simplicity is always the best. I do adore your taste by the way.

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