To Rome with love: Palazzo Margherita

Can I just say how much I appreciate the magical touch in Woody Allen movies.  We went to see To Rome With Love late last night and even though I enjoyed every scene and vision watching the beautiful Italian architectures and ruins, it was probably not the best of the ideas.  It just made my yearn for Italy a lot more profound.  Whenever we go I need to pay a visit to Palazzo Margherita, owned by Francis Ford Coppola, located in an unconventional town called Bernalda.  The Hotel was designed by Jacques Grange, another reason for me to visit it, and it's authentically old school Italian.  It's not in a very touristic town.  This is a place more in tune for people who want to experience the real Italian small town life, but even if there is not much to do, I would be perfectly content drinking Margarita's by the pool or simply walking around the town and enjoying the beautiful medieval hilltops. 

images from WSJ and Palazzo Margharita.
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Francine Gardner said...

Loved the visuals, the hotel is spectacular! as for the movie :(

The enchanted home said...

Somtimes, I actually find it painful to see posts like this....becuase it makes me so yearn to be there, like I just BELONG there....this is one such post (take it as a compliment) The visuals are a feast! Since I can't jump on a plane to Rome, doing the next best thing...going see the movie with my husband tonight, can hardly wait...love Woody Allen movies, each and every one. I am sure this one doesnt' disappoint!

classiq said...

This is the kind of town I would like to get lost in on my summer holiday. I'm bookmarking it for my next trip to Italy. Thank you, Julie. I love Woody Allen's movies, but I'm still waiting for this one to arrive in our cinemas. :)

Bridget from Refined Vintage said...

I do want to go! What a gorgeous hotel! I love Woody Allen movies too and look forward to seeing this one. Thanks for sharing.