Ikea's good art

Everyone knows that designing a house and making it feel like a home takes many long and exhausting months, if not years.  So when I realized that I would only have two months to plan, design, execute, anticipate the smallest details and to think about what we might be needing in the future, I know that in order to not go insanely crazy, I had to rely on things that were not too expensive and too valuable but still good looking.  I don't know much about Sao Paulo yet, but I know that things tend to cost three times more.  So where did I go to for basic things? right!  Ikea.  I was planning to buy things such as a mattress for our little one, a foot step for his sink  and so on.  Imagine my surprise when walking around I found very good looking prints!  God, was I glad, there are an awful lot of empty walls in this house that will need to be filled. We got the top one by Deborah Azzopardi for Lucas's room, of which I will only tell you that it will have a bunch of stripes.  Yeah!

 The top is a motif by Amelia Lancaster.  Bellow, Ikea's selection of Matisse motifs.   We also got one or two of those.


Karena said...

I love Matisse! I think that many people turn to prints and then include some original art. I mean who can afford an original Matisse!

Julie you might like my latest artist feature, he is quite acclaimed and Matisse is one artist who has inspired him!

2012 Artists Series

classiq said...

Yes, Ikea is a good idea. I've had some pleasant surprises there. xo

truman testa said...

The prints you have added in this post they have great look, every print have nice look, the bell's print have nice tag, and it sounds like binggg bonggg. nice print it is. I want to say thanks for sharing this inspirational post.

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