A Modern Classic Home

This amazing home in Malaga, Spain was designed by Pablo Paniagua and his Studio team that was in charge of almost everything from the architecture to the design and construction of furniture.  All done with the very important goal of reaching a harmonious result.  I love how the dark colors stand out on the white background.  Enjoy!

 Lovely kitchen

Always amazed at the power of mirror.  This inner courtyard appears double its size due to the use of mirrors on the wall.
Photos via Nuevo Estilo


Callie Grayson said...

Really is a gorgeously designed home. I will Ned to research him more for additional inspiration!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

All so pretty and unique! I love the tufted sofa ...looks so custom.

Karena said...

Juli, I love this house. Going from bold to more subdued rooms takes a special skill I believe! Starting at the fabulous entry it is stunning!

Art by Karena

capital homes properties in north london said...

In my opinion many people think that a beautiful home must be big and with lots of space to accommodate several rooms and different appliances, furniture, and fixtures. But simple home decoration can make home simple and beautiful.

marble columns said...

The white bathroom cabinet is good. Love the tufted sofa. Thanks Juli. ~ Herman Swan

Jerri Quayle said...

Hi, just a moment back I was searching for the information about ultra modern property on the same topic and now I am here. So much information, really well executed blog. This is really informative and I will for sure refer my friends the same. Thanks

Martha Feininger said...

I love this house. I didn't know this interior designer before. I found his webpage and and it is quite impressive. Have a look!

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