A Picture says a thousand words...

You see... I told you there was a toilet!
Good Morning everyone.  I wish my people in New York and its neighboring boroughs are baring this Hurricane that is approaching the East Coast.  I know that things that we can’t control is always scary and Nature is one of them.  Let's hope God's hands will weaken the strength of Hurricane Sandy. 
There is one thing I was looking forward to do before our move and that was having a family photo shoot in it.  I can’t tell enough how much I love photo shoots.  It's fun, enthusiastic, and hopeful.  You get up early in the morning, one of my favorite things actually, go out to get fresh flowers, set up, get all made up and dress up and have as much fun as you can.  But, of course the most important part of a photo shoot is the memories that we captured especially family memories. 
I wanted the pictures to be natural, kind of like lifestyle pictures, and we were lucky we came across Diego Molina, a professional photographer who did a great job capturing very special everyday-moments in a fashionable and tasty way.  Photographing kids is not an easy task.  Lucas, our son, for instance goes at his own will.  You don't take a picture of him if he doesn't want to, so I was glad to see that Diego had experience with these kinds of situations and I was able to end up with a bunch of great pictures of our little one for the future, which reminds me I haven't sent the respective grandmas these pictures.  Have a great and safe week!
When is my bed arriving here in our Sao Paulo home, please?  Hello!

Our cutie pie and I trying to surf in the dry.

Me, myself and I.  Diego also makes people look not so bad without filter.  ha! an Instagram insiders joke. Thank you Diego for the great pictures!


therelishedroost said...

What beautiful photos of you and your son! the space looks great!!! Enjoy him, they grow up too fast, believe I know!!!
The Relished Roost

Julie said...


How sweet, thank you honey. Yes, I'm noticing they grow so fast. It's even painful.

Take care,

Karen Albert said...

Julie I love, love to see children (truth be told adults letting their spirits soar!)

2012 Artists Series

classiq said...

Julie, you look gorgeous in your sequined dress! And Lucas is so cute. So nice to see pictures of him. :)

Casa Très Chic said...

You and your son look absolutely beautiful and... happy!
Have a blessed new week.

Julie said...

You guys are so sweet! Thank you for your beautiful comments.

Hugs and kisses from SP,


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