Long gone are the days when labeled front t-shirts were considered flashy or pretending.  Now-a-days these t-shirts are stylish and chic.  Perhaps are the names on them that make them a lot more coveted.  I especially love the Celine Paris t-shirts and the way this lady below has worn it, with the big junky gold-like necklace, it's the way to go!  Enjoy!

Who can forget this image above.  Beautiful!

Rihanna is always so chic and stylish in her own rock and roll way.
Buy them Celine and here, Dior, Chanel, kenzo.


Francine Gardner said...

The brands love these tee shirts, flashing on the street, perfect free marketing! I prefer understated luxe... may I am of the old school.

classiq said...

I'm still reticent to wear label printed t-shirts, but I like the Celine tee. :)

mikky said...

Love that chanel and jeans look. So casual chic!


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