It feels so long

I've been away from the computer most of the week because I’ve been running around like a chicken without head.  Hopefully next week will be an easier and less busy one.  I truly wish I had a summer home like this one to escape for the weekend or maybe forever!
I'll come back with a regular schedule next week.  Until then enjoy it!

Friday Eye Candy: Shoes

These past few days have been airlessly hot.  Perfect days to linger indoors under the wonderful AC or in a pool.  Hopefully the weekend will cool off!  Enjoy your weekend!

images via Garance Dore, Pinterest and Creative Salvage

Kitchen of the week: A Miles Redd Kitchen

This kitchen designed by Miles Redd for a family in Connecticut is in the July issue of Architectural Digest.  I love how the blue of the walls and wood color of the cabinets contrast each other.  Enjoy!

Sorry about my iPhone photo. 

Food for thought

"The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts."  Marcus Aurelius
 "A man's character always takes its hue, more or less, from the form and color of things about him."  Frederick Douglass
"Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky."  Rabindranath Tagore

All images from Pinteres.

Convex Mirror: Federalist Convex Mirror

Bruce Budd home decor with convex mirror via belle vivir blog
Bruce Budd used on in his very popular Carriage home
Probably the mirror used by the witch in Snow White was a convex mirror since it's a mirror with a power of optical illusion.  Also referred to as Bulls-Eyes mirrors and witch mirror, Convex mirrors reflect images in a  way that they look to come from a central point, inside the mirror.   The curvier the mirror the closer is the reflection.  The outward curvature of convex mirrors make the reflected image look sort of virtual.  History has it that for centuries convex mirrors were the only ones existing, as it can be depicted in antique paintings.  The mirror became popular in the US during The Federal period where the Eagle was added as a symbol of the Country.  I would love one as big as possible for our new house in Sao Paulo.
convext mirror in living room with antique mirror wall

two convex mirror in symmetrical dining room

convex mirror in red library via belle vivir blog

convex mirror over fireplace and checkered floor room

convex mirror in a blue living room via belle vivir

convex mirror in j. randall powers via belle vivir
images via House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Grant White.

Friday eye candy: Herve Van Der Straeten's Home

herve van der straeten's home dining room
Herve Van Der Straeten's home was published back in 2007 in Architectural Digest Spain and many of you may remember it.  For those who don't, it's one of those houses that is very unique.  Van Der Straeten is a trained painter, jewelry designer and finally designer of very unique pieces of furniture and lighting that is always full of movement and fun-filled shapes.  Enjoy!
herve van der straeten's home living room

herve van der straeten's home

herve van der straeten's home kitchen

herve van der straeten's home

herve van der straeten's home fireplace

herve van der straeten's home living room
five top images via Catchtag, last via Apartment Therapy.


Waiting for paint at Lowe's yesterday while flipping the pages of Veranda, I was splashed with a freshness of color and drama from a Water Mill, NY home designed by Thomas Britt and Valentino Samsonadze.  The global chic and collected feel of the house is breathtaking and unique.  I think the incredible size of the house lends itself to the feel of drama and grandeur.  Enjoy!

This living room is sunshine perfect!

Moldings precisely painted to evoke more drama.  Look at the ceiling.  I didn't get the chance to read the article fully but the dining room walls seem to have a Chinoiserie trompe l'oeil that continues to the ceiling, even covering the moldings. 

This global chic bedroom is full of colors and texture but magically feels soothing and comforting. 

Modern Furniture rooted in the Classic

 Eileen Gray's bibendum chair
As a designer I appreciate all kinds of furniture from very traditional to modern and contemporary ones.  My lovely mother-in-law, whose taste is more contemporary, once told me "you don't like modern" and my response was "I like modern furniture with classical reference."
We find comfort in what we know and/or we can relate to, so these types of furniture which are modern but have been around for over half a century are the kinds that offer an incredible balance between tradition and modern.  Here are my absolute favorites.  Enjoy!

 Le Corbusier chaise lounge.

 Le Corbusier arm chair

 Saarinen Executive side chair

 Bertoia side chair

 Mies Van Der Rohe

Hans Wegner
Eames side chairs

My Weekend and a project brief Sneak Peek

It's Tuesday already but I'd like to share with you a brief sneak peak of a project and snippets of our weekend, which was all about relaxing and walking.  We visited a family member who just had a baby boy.  What a cutie! And then it was all about hanging around and spending some time for myself while enjoying a bubble bath.

I'm often low in iron so there is always the perfect excuse to have an open burger.  Bobby Flay makes the best ones.

Images of a project I've been working int he City where we decided to use Ringwold for the bedroom (above) and Renaissance for the entrance.

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