Happy New Year!

May this year that enters bring only the best for each and everyone of you.  I wish the sun never stop shining everyday of your life and that God may guide your steps.  Thank you for your visits and your your comments.  I can't wait for 2013 to start and see all our dreams materialized.  Happy New Year my loved ones!
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Merry Christmas eveyone

“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”  Charles Dickens
Merry Christmas to everyone.  I hope this year is the year you accomplish each and every one of your dreams and plans.  I've been traveling with the family for the past week and haven't been able to pay proper attention to the blog.  We'll be traveling next week as well but, after that we'll be back on regular schedule. :) Until then enjoy every minute of your days.
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Bringing home the Christmas tree

I miss listening to the US Christmas song radio stations.  Every year, starting on Thanksgiving day there was no other music other than Holiday music played in my car.  My hubby used to go a bit nutty about it.  Luckily we have a good collection of Christmas songs in my iPhone playlist that is compensating my thirst.  Both, my hubby and I miss our families very much so this year we won’t be spending Christmas home, instead we'll be spending it in Buenos Aires.  Hopefully that way the absence of our loved ones will have less impact in our moods and our Christmas tree will come back home next year.  Enjoy!


Christmas in Europe 2012

I did this post last year and since so many people loved it as much as I did, that gives me an excellent excuse to post it again today.  If you are a frequent visitor of Belle Vivir, you should know by now my obsession with Christmas.  As a matter of fact my Facebook bio for more than 6 years reads "In love with my family and Christmas" and that hasn't changed a bit.  Enjoy!
I've never spent Christmas in Europe, yet.  Undoubtedly Christmas is warm and inviting everywhere but there is a certain special warmth in Europe during this time that it's not found anywhere else.  Perhaps it’s because Santa Clause is in Northern Europe somewhere? and so the feeling of Christmas is more palpable?  Or, maybe it's because of the way the homes are built, of solid stone and stucco that make the ambiance of Christmas feel cozier.  I definitely would like to spend Christmas in Europe one day and these images just make my wish stronger. 

Fasano Boa Vista Hotel: A review of The ultimate country estate

 A spectacular shot of Fasano Boa Vista Hotel lit at night.
Most of the people think of beaches, sun, pretty women wearing sexy bikinis when they think of vacationing in Brazil.  In other words Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro.  Little do they know what they're missing when they choose the beach over the countryside.  Two weekends ago we spent a weekend at FasanoBoa Vista, a country estate at merely one hour and 15 minutes outside of Sao Paulo and my amazement can’t be put into words but, I'll try.  It's without a doubt one of the most beautiful places I've been in.  The stunning architecture, which perfectly blends with its site, was accomplished by the very renowned Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld.  It covers 100 acres of secured and preserved forest with 15 lakes, groves and gardens, 18-hole golf courses, a polo field, stables, tennis and soccer courts and a kids activity center.  The hotel also offers real estate inside the property and a lot of wealthy proprietors owned second or third "French-looking" homes there.  You can see the families relaxing among adults while their babas (nanies) spend time at the kids club where there is usually a lot of fun happening.   There were instances that while we were biking around its beautiful century-old trees-lined-uphill-boulevards I thought I was in Provence.
And if you don’t believe me then believe Hermes.  Yes, "In 2012, Boa Vista hosted the Herm├Ęs Cup, in association with the centenary French saddlery, marking the first time the organization has given its approval to an equestrian event outside of France." Fasano Website
 The entrance to the reception of the Hotel is just beautiful.  Couldn't help to take a picture.
 The veranda was one of my favorite spaces of this place.
The infinity swimming pool.
 Love this place for breakfast in the mornings. Below, how it looks.
 The decor has a very Scandinavian influence. 
 One of the restaurants. 
 The decor is minimal but so cozy you feel home as soon as you walk in the rooms.
 The view from the room.  All of the rooms have a beautiful view out to the country side.
 My hubby biking with our little one.
 Our little one at the stables.
The Hotel has a huge and great selection of design books.
 Adorable ponies.
The swimming pool restaurant. Below, two of the beautiful homes.

The House Hotel Istanbul
Munich Review

Patricia Herrera Lansing's New York apartment

Patricia Herrera Lansing sits in her bedroom of her New York city apartment via belle vivir blog
Nothing better than magazines that get to show us the lifestyles of stylish people.  It proves once more that a great sense of fashion doesn't stand too far from a good sense of living.  Leave it to the Herrera family to prove us that.  In the December/January issue of Harper's Bazaar you can get a good sneak peek of Patricia Herrera Lancing's beautiful and cozy home.  Enjoy!
Patricia Herrera Lansing and her kids in her kids bedroom of New York city apartment via belle vivir blog
Beautiful children's room.
Patricia Herrera Lansing living room library of New York city apartment via belle vivir blog
Patricia Herrera Lansing New York city apartment via belle vivir blog
Patricia Herrera Lansing living room with her sister of New York city apartment via belle vivir blog 
Patricia Herrera Lansing dining room of New York city apartment via belle vivir blog
Photos by Christopher Sturman via Harper's Bazaar
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