9 Fashion Pieces you need in you wardrobe now

Here is a small list of must-have fashion pieces I put together for the fashionable girls who like to be au courant with fashion trends.  I tend to add one or two trendy pieces to my wardrobe once in a while just to keep me from being boring or predictable.  Not that it works all the time but, I don't mind learning from my mistakes - and trust me it happens often!  In no special order, A bomber jacketa statement sweater, a pair of masculine loafers, a lace up or military boots, fancy pants, a small shoulder bagfunky sun glasses, statement necklace and continuing with the baseball theme a baseball cap.  Enjoy!


The enchanted home said...

Fun, modern and edgy though I can just now see the looks my kids would give me if I dared to even think of dressing like that:) I am like you,enjoy adding a few fun trendy pieces with my classic standards.

Karen said...

Love the little yellow bag! And those sunglasses are very sweet. xx

Karen Albert said...

Julie I love these pieces you selected with an edge to them. I need a bit more feminine shoe, love some of the very cool loafers I have seen lately!

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International Clothing Store said...

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