Peplum Pants

One of the coolest things that's happened to fashion lately is Peplum.  It's feminine, whimsical and beautiful!  It's nice to see it's not going anywhere anytime soon, instead is spreading to other important wardrobe pieces such as pants.  All of these models here would look great with a cropped top.  Don't you think? Enjoy!
1- Zara, 2-  Preen, 3- peplum skinny pants, 4- Peplum legging, 5- Alexander Mcqueen, 6- Peggy Peplum pants, 7- Crinkle Apron trousers


Squeak said...

I must admit that I think peplum pants (and skirts) are the stupidest thing designers have come up with in a long time!

Think about it: if you're a woman who exercises and diets constantly to have buns and abs of steel, why would you want to wear something that completely obliterates your taut, sexy buns and abs? And if you're a bit (or a lot) overweight, why would you want to draw attention to your flab?

I just don't get it.

Karen said...

Love these! So flirty! xx

Anonymous said...

No.. they do nothing for me.. at all.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Julie,
Loved always the jackets with a peplum but these pants might not look that flattering when wearing. Except for a few skinny girls with race horse legs! But at least they try hard enough to sell yet another short-lived style.
Hugs to you,

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