Studded Nailhead Upholstered Walls

studded nailhead upholstered walls in home decor
Bringing architectural interest into our home can be done by simply upholstering the walls in fabric or wallpaper and adding nailhead along the edges of the walls or in different patters as if forming a nailhead trim.  This type of wall treatment brings dimension to any room.  I've said before how I think that upholstered doors is the ultimate attention to detail.  That is of course if there are no upholstered nailhead walls nearby to compare them to.  I can't imagine all the work and effort that goes into creating one of these amazing upholstered nailhead walls.  Especially those that form specific patterns over the wallpaper or fabric.  This technique also brings instant coziness to any home decor style.  There is already wallpaper designed to look like studded walls making the process a lot easier, and none the less beautiful.  Phillip Jeffries has a collection called Rivet that comes in different color contrast.   Shown in the picture below  Enjoy!
studded nailhead upholstered walls in home decor
studded nailhead upholstered walls in home decor
studded nailhead upholstered walls in home decor
Above, Carolina Herrera Baez home featured in Elle Decor is  upholstered in a pink fabric with a nailhead trim around the door and edges of the wall.  Below, also Carolina Herrera Baez's home the fabric on the walls is strips with a nailhead trim.  
studded nailhead upholstered walls in home decor
Two previous images by Jeffrey Bilhuber.  Below David Webb's store designed by the couple Peter Pennoyer and Katie Ridder.
1srt image Jeffrey Bilhuber, 2nd image via Pinterest.


Francine Gardner said...

Really interesting post. i will admit, I have never used studs as a room or wall accents. It looks stunning and i just added your images to my Pinterest

Pedro Luis López Pérez (PL.LP) said...

I come from the blog of Portraits and pencil drawings of Mark Beaz and have loved this corner, so if you do not mind, I'd like to be a follower of so magical and fantastic space.

Karen Albert said...

Julie I adore these examples of studded walls. Very elegant and sophisticated detail!

Art by Karena

Catherine said...

They look great but how is it done? Surely you don't but each stud in individually...would take ages to set-up alignment, etc.

Can you buy in "strips"?

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Julie,
That is a welcome sight for upholstered walls. In The Netherlands I did have fabric on my walls from:
This Dutch website is also in English and they are very trendy.
Hugs to you,

Karen said...

This is so unusual. It would look wonderful in a man's office. xx

Julie said...


Yes, that's how they are sold.

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