First lady Michalle Obama graces the cover of Vogue

I love to imagine perfect scenarios, as you could have noticed.  In this case I think I would like it more if politicians or activists would make the cover of Vogue rather than celebrities.  For example one month Al Gore with 'An Inconvenient Truth', It's happening people, climate change is really happening look or better said "feel around you".  I love the first lady, Michelle Obama on the cover of the April issue of Vogue "Inspiring America".  And she really is an inspiration to every woman.  A woman of great values and a very steady sense of family values who knows first-hand that women can and should be both, advocates for what we believe in and equally stylish.  And talking about that new hair makeover, she looks amazing.  Enjoy! I approve this hair makeover.
images from Vogue
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classiq said...

I agree, if Anna Wintour doesn't want models on the Vogue cover anymore, at least she could choose better than celebrities. But celebrities sell and that's what it all resumes to.

Karen Frost said...

Maybe this is a good sign, having Michelle Obama on the cover! I agree with everything you say about her - a true inspiration and 'real' woman with a style all her own. Lovely. xx