A cozy home by Concha Rodriguez

The exposed wood columns in this beautiful home designed by Concha Rodriguez has an inviting and cozy feeling that invites one to come in, sit down and possibly ever go back out. 
The days are getting colder here in Sao Paulo where this weekend is a long Holiday.  I can't help but wish to be in a place like this, get swallowed up by that puffy daybed and only get up to eat.  Although I don't see a fireplace it is encouraging to imagine one.  Enjoy!
The power of mirror,  right?
Safari style chairs are paired with vintage side tables and a Moroccan rug in a seating area off the bedroom.
A miniature kitchen that is charmingly modern.
images via Nuevo Estilo


Ann said...

Love the wood posts.

Josh Urso Design said...

Love the textures in this home from the rugs to the upholstery to the wood grain. They make for a great contrast to the stark white walls.

Classiq said...

Such an inviting and beautiful home, Julie! I want two safari chairs for our balcony and that book shelf in the bedroom is such a clever idea. Have a wonderful weekend! We've had rain until just now, but I think the sun will greet us on the first day of summer. xo

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