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As I have mentioned before I love sunglasses not only because they take good care of our eyes but because they also help cover up our worst days.  You know those days when we haven't had much sleep; moms can you hear me?  Lately I'm loving the comeback of round sunglasses or how many people refer to them as John Lennon sunglasses.  Here is a small round up for those coming up sunny days.  Enjoy!
1- Wildfox Bel Air Sunglasses, 2- NYE Sunglasses, 3- Nude round keyhole sunglasses, 4- Lennon sunglasses, 5-  Empire shape, 6- Dee shades, 7- wild soul, 8- Metal top, 9- carrington in khaki

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Classiq said...

Oh, I love #2, but I'm afraid this shape doesn't suit me. And I've always loved those sunglasses Cary Grant wore in North by Northwest, with their round, unconventional shape for the time. But Cary made those look good too.

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