10 Easy Canopy Bed Ideas

Easy canopy bed Jean Louis Denoit
A modern canopy bed by Jean Louis Denoit
To many people, the thought of a canopy bed would give them the creeps.  Not to blame them if the first image that easily slips into our minds is a frightening postcard from The Jacobean period style.   A heavily carved gilded bed with a heavy cornice, swags hanging from the canopy and so much fabric enclosing you is for sure a recipe for rhinitis.  Today's canopy beds couldn't be farther from that and you don't need a four poster bed to create one.  Anyone with a regular bed can build one with curtain rods and fabric securely hanging from the ceiling.  Check out YouTube for some cool tutorials or head over to Lonny Magazine where Michelle Adams documents how she made hers.   
Whichever way you decide to make one, a canopy over the bed is one of the most romantic ways to decorate your bedroom. 
Easy canopy bed ideas
By hanging fabric from a ceiling rod and attaching another rod on the wall you can create an effect like these twin bed above where the fabric cascades through the walls.  Via Southern Accents
 Easy canopy bed ideas
An upholstered crown canopy bed via Architectural Digest.
Easy canopy bed ideas
By hanging a big piece of fabric in a form of a hanging tent is a very easy way to create the canopy feel.
Easy canopy bed Dara Caponigro
Regular curtain rods were installed on the ceiling to create this canopy bed.  Dara Caponigro bedroom
Easy canopy bed ideas
I love to see them hanging direct from the ceiling.  It makes the rooms look bigger.
Easy canopy bed ideas
By Jamie Creel via Elle Decor
Easy canopy bed Phoebe Howard
This is way more elaborate and professionally done by Phoebe Howard. 
Canopy bed ideas katie ridder kid room
By cutting the fabric to form a pattern Katie Ridder created some drama in this girl's room. 
Easy canopy bed Mark D Sikes home
In the picture above the canopy seems to be hanging over the bed from curtain rods and chain.  Designed by Mark D. Sikes


sharon smith said...

Chic, stunning and creative! Need I say more? Beautiful photos.....

Karen Albert said...

Oh I love these beds Julie, the canopies really are the icing on the cake!

Art by Karena

Francine Gardner said...

I love these canopy beds. A canopy creates a soothing warm environment. Beautiful post

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