Friday Eye candy: Happy feet

Literally most feet are happy in flat shoes; even more if the shoes happen to be funny and cute!  I posted a run up of slip-ons earlier this week but they are two totally different types of shoes and meant to complement different styles.  One being more sneaker-type than the other one, I feel I can post about these little cutie ones without overwhelming you.  After all it's all about dressing accordingly.  I'm sure you've seen these kitty face shoes by Charlotte Olympia or the Marc Jacobs ones which feature a mouse face, around.  Enjoy!
Taylor Swift wearing Charlotte Olympia.
Charlotte Olympia
Marc Jacobs left and Charlotte Olympia right, having a very interesting conversation.
1 Jeffrey Campbell, 2 Del Toro, 3 Del Toro, 4 Melissa, 5 Marc by Marc Jacobs, 6 Charlotte Olympia leopard flat, 7 Smidgen flat, 8 Kitty Cocoa Vegan flat


Jeanelly Concepcion said...

The Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats have been a personal obsession of mine since they first came out on the shoe scene. (I have them on a Feb post)Now, the Winky eye flats from Del Toro are driving me insane! I'll settle for the Smidgen "Lashes" flats for now. Great post! Thanks!!

Karen Albert said...

Julie, too too darling, I love these and flats are about it for me right now. I hope you visit soon.

Art by Karena

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