Graphic Sweaters

Can you think of a more adaptable piece of clothing other than a graphic sweater now a days?  Of course there is always the pencil skirt and jeans but graphic sweaters are super easy to accommodate to your styling needs as well.  You can play it up with a nice skirt and heels and play it down as well.  One of the nicest and freshest outfit I saw lately was an assemblage of a graphic sweater, mid-calf skirt and a wedge sneakers, kicks.  I'm ready to buy a few.  Enjoy!
For the budget-conscious
Below, for the bigger pockets


Karen Albert said...

Julie, Of course I love the #7 Chevron and also #8!
Fun vibrant so great with jeans!

Art by Karena

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

I love the sweater choices! The feline sweater is my favorite!


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