Slip on it

It's nice to dress up and look very much like a lady, but it gets to a bit too comic to be running in high heels while trying to catch a flight, walking up subway stairs, grocery shopping and well you get the point.  And trust me I've seen a bunch.  Many days all we want is to slip on a pair of comfy shoes and hit the road contentedly and chic.  The extra inch or two doesn't hurt women's vanity either.  Enjoy!
1-Michael Kors, 2-Vans, 3-Soda Stud, 4-Celine, 5-Kurt Geiger London Diamante details, 6-Givenchy, 7-Michael Kors, 8-Walter Steiger, 9-Celine, 10-Givenchy,  11-Tie dye

Celine slip-ons
Phillip Lim


Our French Inspired Home said...

I am so into slip on shoes. I could take 7 and 8 no problem. -Tonya

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

I cant say im into these ....i prefer flats... :)

Julie said...

Hi Jen,

I understand, but I wouldn't compare them. They are two different things. One is more like sneakers (slip-ons) and the other one is flat shoes. I think they are to be used in different occasions.


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