Let's go by the pool

Can you believe this swimming pool above? Hey let's go to my ancient pool right in my backyard.  Talk about a privileged life!  I found the idyllic image on Pinterest and I don't have any credit whatsoever, besides the link to the page where I found it.  I don't even know if this is a regular swimming pool, if it was carved out, if the whole thing is fake or if it's instead a natural mineral pool.  Either way the result is pretty ideal.  Enjoy!
most of the images via this Pinterest and this Pinterest
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sharon smith said...

Thaw black and white pool is insane! LOVE......

Karen Albert said...

Julie the water just draws me in! So peaceful and relaxing. A perfect spot to read or take a short nap with a wicker sun hat covering the face from the sun!

Art by Karena
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therelishedroost said...

love them all!
xo Karolyn