Every Home should have: Beautiful Vignettes

Beautiful and well accomplished vignettes throughout the house are not only pleasant but I believe necessary as well.  They encompass a big chunk of the details and if you think a home is complete without them, think again.  It's like in fashion where an outfit is never complete without accessories.  I noticed vignettes turn out better when they carry out a theme: whether related to a period time, mood, color scheme, or all of the above.  Enjoy!
Images via Veranda, Elle Decor, Vogue.

Chic Summer Style

"Summertime is always the best of what might be" Charles Bowden
Images via The Sartorialist, Stockholm Street style, Vanessa Jackman.

Sunday Quotes, between books

AD Spain Sept. 2012
Diane Bergeron
Marie Claire Maison Feb. 2012

Fall 2013 it bag: The Handheld bag

Fall 2014 new it bags
With Fall 2013 fashion style making a return to the more lady-like dressy look days so did the bags, it seems that the new it bags will be more serious and business looking this year.  The handheld bag.  Enjoy!
Alexander Mcqueen, Miu MIu, Burberry, Lanvin, Emilio Pucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Mulberry and Marc Jacobs

For the home: Beautiful walls

Nicky Haslam Design
To many people it may be unthinkable to know that more people than they think forget about dressing the walls.  They either get scared or intimidated by the thought of Gallery or salon walls or they just don't know to fill the space.  I guess a simple rule of thumb is to get rid of the idea of perfection end result and any rule for that matter, and consider the conditions of the walls first of all.  If it's in good condition maybe a good coat of paint or an elegant and simple paint technique before hanging one statement piece would be enough, as in Nicky Haslam Design in the top image, the walls are so beautifully done that a cluster of framed pictures would ruin the whole look.  Beautiful objects such as big mirror, one big painting or an exotic textiles are also simple options.  Of course a gallery wall is always a one step up if you decide to go for it.  Enjoy! 


Tino Zervudachi's Paris Home

tino zervudachi's paris home
I posted Tino Zervudachi's home back in February and recently found three more images of his Parisian home and wanted to share with you.  This home is one of my favorites and it stole my heart to keep it.  His elegant and masculine studio above is equally stealing doing it.
tino zervudachi's paris home
Boy what a house this is!  The Parisian home of Tino Zervudachi, partner at Milinaric, Henry & Zervudachi is a dream come true.  Full of interesting and classic furniture, modern art and top notch photography is just what the doctor ordered to everyone who wants to live with style and substance.  I'm a big fan of 1940's furniture and looking at those Jansen pieces Tino Zervudachi has in his home makes my jaw drops big time!  Enjoy!
tino zervudachi's paris home
tino zervudachi's paris home

I found these two different shots of his home, above and below and wanted to share with you. 
tino zervudachi's paris home study
tino zervudachi's paris home living room

A stunning chandelier reigns above a comfort sofa, a modern painting and a white sculpture on top of a column.
A 1940's Jansen sofa is freshen up with bright colorful pillows.
Two different Louis XVI chairs juxtapose in front of a steel and bronze semainier and modern paintings.  Just perfect!
tino zervudachi's paris home living room with iron daybed with red upholster
Love how the touch of red on the campaign bed and the mobile makes this room far from too serious.
tino zervudachi's paris home bedroom
This is an amazing bathroom.  Just the coffered ceiling and the red kilim are enough to take my breath away.
images via AD

Sunday quotes

Photos of Montauk by me.

Friday eye candy: Masculine inspirations

It's Friday! And that means free and spare time to spend in good company and to have fun.  Enjoy!
Nate Berkus LA home via Harper's Bazaar 
Erik Jorgensen EJ5 Corona Chair;

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