Mini mini mani bag

Givenchy small nightingale bag
Luxury fashion houses offer small versions of their iconic bags to those women who prefer comfortable and smaller bags during leisure days.  I for instance covet small bags that I can use as cross body ones on the weekends.  Don't be fooled and think that because these luxury mini bags are smaller will cost less.  It's all about the brand!  They either cost the same or in many cases even more due to intrinsic details.  If you have extra bucks lying around here are very small options on how to spend it, I mean how to invest it.  Enjoy!
Fendi mini peekaboo
 Hermes mini Kelly
Chanel mini classic
 Chanel mini boy
Louis Vuitton mini alma bb bag
Celine Trio bag
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Jeanelly Concepcion said...

I love the Chanel mini, so adorable!

Squeak said...

I've been thinking of buying one of the Louis Vuitton BB bags - I'm not sure which one yet.

Classiq said...

A mini cross body bag is my go-to bag for weekends too. I love the Chanel little number Taylor is wearing.

Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

They are so adorable! Like toys for grown-ups or full size for little fashionistas :) :) :) Yet something else a stylish mummy could share with her baby girl. x

therelishedroost said...

I love small bags, and these are darling and chic at the same time!