Every home should have: Something unexpected

Don't you like it when you go into a place and for some reason you can't immediately explain everything feels just right!  Besides making you feel comfortable and at ease, that interior also keeps you wanting to see more and stay longer.  The unexpected touches throughout makes the whole experience more engaging.  I love a bold elaborate mirror on a white wall, an unusual and uncommon chair or even simply a particular choice of wall color. Enjoy!
A soft living room where modern and classic modern furniture mingle together.  Designed by Benjamin Dhong.
Todd Alexander Romano
A bold and grand living room where most of the seating options are traditional Luis XV chairs upholstered in leopard.  Alex Hitza home
Look at that sideboard!  Stefano Pilati home
A futuristic desk in a more traditional wood paneled home office.
Photo by Tim Beddowfor The World of Interiors

Bories and Shearron


Classiq said...

I couldn't agree more. A home needs something unexpected to give it personality. I usually look for a wall in a bold colour, a unique rug or interesting chairs.

therelishedroost said...

That is truly what gives interiors personality! Great post!

Karen Albert said...

Excellent examples Julie! I love to see a conversation piece that is intriguing. As you say you can walk in a room and just get that feeling!

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