A time off

I wish I knew how to give up and just really give up.  Unfortunately I'm too stubborn or I've learned through own experiences that nothing that is worth living in life is ever granted.   This week has been crazy for me, a lot of effort and work, running around for things that at the end either don't work or don't make sense.  That's why I'll be a bit absent from blogging these days.  Need some time to concentrate all my physical and emotional efforts on accomplishing a major project deadline.  I'll be posting very sporadically so until then stay good.  Enjoy!

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Sunday Quotes


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For the home: Bookshelves as room divider

Usually open bookcases are mostly used in spacious rooms to bring division and to display objects and few books as opposed to being overloaded with stuff.  We can see them quite often in the movies from the 60's and today in public spaces.  These bookshelves are more of an art themselves as the objects displayed in them.  Enjoy!
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Lessons in Design: Steven Volpe

Many interior designers inspire me and Steven Volpe is among the top ones.  I truly admire his sense of individuality and refinement.  In his spaces we can feel his love for art, exclusive pieces and identity in environments that are more than livable.  Enjoy!

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Sunday Quotes: Just funny


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Friday eye candy: Givenchy

Ricardo Tisci on accepting the offer to be Givenchy's fashion director.  "[...] my mother called me and said to me, ‘I am going to tell you something I haven’t even told your sisters: I think I am going to sell our house because your sisters are struggling, they’re having children, they need the money. I will go to a retirement home.’ When I heard that it was like a knife in my heart. I felt like such a failure, that my mother had to sell the house of my father whom I don’t remember. And then I went to Paris, and they showed me a contract with all these zeros on it, and it was like help from God." from Wikipedia.  I already love him.
It's interesting how some posts develop.  I started with a different idea for today's post until I realized that most of the images I selected had something Givenchy in them.  From Clutches to stunning patterned clothes to bags and accessories, everything Ricardo Tisci creation is simply amazing.  No one makes the wild and gothic side look this sophisticated better than him.  Enjoy!

Givenchy Obsedia bag

Givenchy boots

Gyvenchy Obsedia bracelet

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