For your home: How about color...

A few days ago I saw a magazine spread of an all white apartment.  I mean all white, literally.  Not a wood color, any type of metal or any other neutral accent were in this house.  It looked as if a big giant poured out white glue on every surface of this apartment.  And I was thinking, uhm... no thanks!  It was very sad and nerve wracking because all I was able to think of was about mental institutions.  Yeah! it was a house that made me feel sick!  We are all different and different things make us happy, lucky me I have my own home, which I work hard on to make me and those who come in happy.  After all home is where your heart is and wouldn't you want to have a colorful and happy heart?  Enjoy!


therelishedroost said...

Big bold art is my favorite way of bringing in color!!

Classiq said...

I will always say yes to white walls as opposed to any other colour, but an entirely white home? You said it, no, thank you. This just reminds me how these magazine features are more about styling and never about practical things, relevant ideas you can actually use for your home. I absolutely love that striped floor and paired with that beautiful art piece and the simplicity of the rest of the decor, it looks amazing.

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