A lesson in style: Barbara Martelo

By looking at the style of Barbara Martelo you may, with good reasons, think of a casual Parisian Chic style, although she was born in Madrid.  She is a lawyer-turned-fashion editor with a style that strikes a perfect balance between casual chic and feminine.  One of the toughest things to pull off in Fashion is a padded shoulder blazer or jacket and she seems to wear them with ease.  Enjoy!




Amelia de La Musa said...

Gorgeous looks, all of them Especially the blue jacket!

La Musa Decoracion


Karena Albert said...

Julia a very bright and beautiful woman!

Feature: "House Proud"

Classiq said...

Oh yes, those padded shoulders are not the easiest thing to wear, especially if you want it all to look effortless. She wears hers well. :)

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