A Black and white adobe

The sofa by Maison Jansen was inherited by his grandmother.  I think the leather upholstery is just genius.  The tables are from the 50's.  If I ever find a table like these ones I would bring it home with me even if I need to buy an extra plain ticket. 
Eric Yerno, the owner of this home where a mélange of Art-deco, oriental influences and geometry beautifully coincide in a black and white background, is from France and moved to Spain in 1998 to open a PR firm.  Eric had help from Victoria Melian to make this home truly jaw dropping.  Published in AD Spain March issue, photographed by Pablo Suloaga and styled by Ines Sentmenat.  Enjoy!
In the living room, everything seems and feel so harmonious but never boring.  A ball chair by Eero Aarnio brings that unexpected touch to the gorgeous black and white living room. 
I adore this entry.  It has much stuff I love.  The photograph is framed in a Lucite box, the consoles are concrete and the bases have a very global feel.  I also adore that art deco bar at the end.
The sofa is designed by Pascua Ortega, one of Eric's favorite designers
The floors are stunning.  In some areas of the house the black and white floor seems to be installed in a random pattern.
Everything is about proportion and scale.  This small space in the bedroom has everything you need to get dress.  Love the inlaid console and the mirror.
The bathtub, encased in wood, seems to be longer that usual.  I love the shelf out of the window sill, such a great idea and space saver.
Apologies for the not so nice iPhone pictures.  Taken by me.
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It's Friday and so it's the first day to start unwinding and getting mentally ready to do nothing else but enjoy family and friends.  My favorite day, as publicly stated here in this blog many times, is Sunday because everything seems to be perfect on these days.  Except when it rains and you have to get stuck inside the house all day, but even then it could be a great excuse to just sleep and recover from lack of sleep.  Here are a few cool things I hope we all get to do this weekend.  Enjoy!
 I miss them so much!  Love you Friends!
Does anyone know the exact location of this amazing place?  Please do tell!
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Miu MIu Suede accented sunglasses for sale

Sadly I never got to try these fabulous sunglasses  before I asked a friend to purchase them for me in the US so when she brought them back and I finally did... it didn't go as expected.  Let's just say I'm no Miranda Kerr and I hopelessly have to sell them.  They never have been worn and they are in their original package as they came.  These one I'm selling are smaller than the ones used by Miranda Kerr.
Lens width: 53 mm - 2.03"
Bridge size: 25 mm - 0.98"
Earpiece length: 140 mm - 5.51"
IF YOU LIVE IN SAO PAULO or anywhere close contact me (bellevivir@gmail.com) if you are interested.   Thank you!
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kicks inspirations

 Looking fabulous, relaxed and burning calories while wearing kicks.  Smart!
Yes you read that title right!  If you still refer to these comfortable and stylish shoe options as sneakers, I hate to break the news to you, you're getting old!  They are not sneakers anymore they are called "kicks" and no, it has nothing to do with the literal meaning.  It just sounds cool as they look as of late.  Get yourself a pair of converse and feel younger! 
By looking at these images this post should've been named Kicks and Celine.
 New Balance and floral pants.
 Celine and Isabel Marant red kicks.
Love this look!
 Such a beautiful color combo burgundy and black.  Yves Saint Laurent sneakers.  I mean kicks!
images via Chicisimo, Renata Santoyo, @cchristiernin (Instagram), Sincerely, Jules and Tumblr.
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For the home: Planters

It's Earth day today!  This beautiful and made-to-be-perfect, even though not so much lately, place where we live has a real threat called Global Warming.  To help make a difference to GW, as in every other kind of change we want to see in the world, we should start with ourselves, in this case our homes.  If you have a private yard why not plant a tree?  Plant it on a special date or for a special cause and make it memorable, if you don't have a private backyard then bring a tree inside the house.  Since the choice of the plant is only yours, I hope you can find among this suggestions a few ideas for planters.  Have green Earth day!

Versailles planter, Orange fiberglass planter, Block planter in bronze, Kingham planter, Decal Planter, Vaso planter in orangeBlock planter in black, Yellow tripod planterM2 planter, hammered planters, Hanging Planter
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Steven Gambrel: On Children Rooms

With new home comes new decor.  Fun, fun!  We've been in this house for 7 months, although we didn't get our furniture until December so technically that's a little over three months living with our own furniture.  Since this apartment is a lot bigger than our previous home there is still a lot of things we need to get.  For Lucas's room I'm looking to do something still child appropriate, he is only 4, but a bit more grown up as well.  When thinking about it I remembered the kids rooms designed by Steven Gambrel I've seen and how beautifully done and child-tailor-made they are without looking too adult.  Enjoy!
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Fashion trends: Sculptural Fashion

Trends come and go and if you don't have a very open mind and have a fashion perspective, the first thought at any new trend could be daunting.  One that perhaps is easier to adapt to is the one with sculptural and/or Geometry shapes since its one that doesn't need much color to be striking.  Either worn in a futuristic-minimalistic way or in a bold-colorful way the structural shapes stand by itself.  Enjoy!
Miu Miu pentagonal sunglasses, Peter Piloto top, John and Pearl earrings, Rauwolf clutch, Nagushi prismatic table, Edge stackable chair, Maison Martin Margiela pumps, Acne leather jacket, The everybody is wearing  Zara skirt, Surface vase,
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"And I will do everything that I can as long as I am President of the United States to remind the American people that we are one nation under God, and we may call that God different names but we remain one nation."  Barack Obama.
My prayers go out to those hurting physically and emotionally this morning from the horrible attacks of the Boston Marathon. 
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Avery home should have: Art

Smart composition in this room the horse leg bench makes reference to the indigenous photograph.  Elle Decor San Francisco Showhouse
Sometimes art can make a room while many times it can also make a whole house.  I can't picture a home without it nor would I live in one without.  We all know art implies many things from an elaborate sculpture to a simple figurine.  But, in this case I'm referring to art wall.  The one that is very personal and many times tells a story behind the artists creation or its discovery.  My Yaacov Agam painting that I found at The New York Antique Garage which my husband and I framed using the shell from another painting just the night before the photo shoot of our home.  That is a story that will always be linked to that painting and to my last minute anticipation.  Art can be anything many people say but, I think otherwise.  Art could certainly make a room but can also break it.  The art that we select for our homes should bring with it the final note to the ambiance of the space, it should complete the room's vision as it shows in each of these images.  In other words, it should become part of a new story: your home.   For affordable and good art I have posted here and here.  Enjoy!
In this hallway? the art seems to stand out against the white wall and white frames.
 Nicole Hanley Mellon home
Harmony seems to be the preferred choice over symmetry in many art wall composition.  As in this picture above six painting frame the windows, three on each side but none are of equal size or or equal high.
This vignette in Francisco Costa house.  The color scheme is very soothing and seductive but the dynamic photograph of a horse injects interest. 
A Francis Bacon.
I dream of owning a Jean-Michel Basquiat one day.
I absolutely adore this bedroom.  I really want an over sized art over my bed.
Eliott Puckette
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