10 Unique ways to use a Hermes scarf

If you sometimes find yourself wondering what else is there to do with a Hermes scarf besides using it around your neck or head, then you are not the only one.  I do it too.  You probably have seen them being framed and displayed as art which is an instant pop of color, but have you considered using them on your closet doors behind a glass or to cover your chandelier chain or as the fabric for your kids teepee? 

Via Marie Claire

 via here.
via Marie Claire

 Via here.



Rebecca { MyDarlingHouse} said...

I love it as a chandelier cover! I framed a huge pink Hermes scarf last year for my office and it came out terrific!

Karena Albert said...

Beautifully done!

The Arts by Karena

daphne said...

I love the 2 piece cover. Too simple but it's cute for me. I ♥ it

Mary Ann at classic•casual•home said...

Very cool...I have two that my husband gave me...hmmm as a skirt? might have to try that in the summer.

Classiq said...

I like using a silk scarf (even if it's not an Hermes one) as a bracelet or to make a top out of it in the summer time.

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