Every home should have: Office space

 At some point we all need a work space at home.  From teenagers to do their home work to adults who need to do more office-related work.  At the moment I'm dusting off our home office in an attempt to combine the business side with my jewelry studio.  Luckily I have an entire room to work with which offers me a decent amount of space and more room to be creative.  But home offices don't necessarily require a separate room, all it needs is a space for a computer desk and a space for storage.  As these images show there is really no limit to what a home office can be.
Reed Krakoff

Lee Mindel

 Miles Redd

 Catherine Kwong

 Jeffrey Weisman
 Luke and Julie Janklow

via Tory Burch

 Suzanne Sharp
Top image Lee Kleinhelter


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Our French Inspired Home said...

I agree that everyone should have that special place at home to work. I especially feel that as parents we need to make sure our children have the proper work space for homework and other projects. A functional and comfortable work area could be the difference in their wanting to, or not wanting to, continue working on their education more while at home. - Tonya

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