Sunday quotes: Beauty is a spiritual obligation

Yesterday while going through my daily morning reads I came across this article with the title The Gorgeous Brain, Beauty is a spiritual obligation written by Dr. Billi Gordon, Ph.D., stroking my attention.  I thought it would be good to stop the regular Sunday Quotes post today and dive a little deeper into the human battle with so-so standards of beauty, performance and acceptance.  Here are a few highlights from the article.  To read the full article click here

 Aimee Mullins

.....We live in a “sizeocracy.”  You cannot be too short if you are a man, too tall if you are woman, and nobody can be overweight, especially women.  War is ugly, not people.  The time we spend laughing is too short, not people.  The walls we build to exclude each other are too tall, not people.  People are, and beauty is......
.....Beauty and ugliness are capacities we all have.   Like all things human, there are individual biases.  When it comes to beauty, it is a matter of two things: knowing you are beautiful, and knowing how to present it.......  
....we become who we believe we are.  That is because the human brain has a tremendous amount of cognitive load and does not like searching for conclusions.  Hence, it welcomes cues on what a person is, from how the person treats his or her self, and how others treat the person.......The human brain always finds what it is looking for.....
.....It is also important to remember that since the first prokaryote appeared in the primordial sea, until the last star in the Universe sputters and falls into eternal blackness, there will have been only one you......Read more here.

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